Is DEEPAL SL03 with New Energy Technology a Game Changer?

DEEPAL Automotive’s latest model, the SL03, was officially announced at the Chengdu Auto Show, with a price range from 145,900 to 191,900 yuan. With its new technology and EVERUS design concept, the DEEPAL SL03 takes the lead in segmented markets, drawing attention from both new users and previous vehicle owners.

The highlight of this new vehicle is the Super Range-Extension technology, which resolves most of the issues encountered in the market’s range extension systems, such as high power supply fuel consumption, weak power supply, and loud generator noise. DEEPAL’s Super Range-Extension technology holds 164 types of core technologies and 1286 individual core patents, introducing two major technical features for the first time in the industry. The Super Range-Extension technology reduces the fuel consumption of SL03 to 4.4L per 100km, allowing users to enjoy four major values: purely electric drive, long endurance, low energy consumption, and real safety.

In terms of design, the DEEPAL SL03 employs a new vehicle’s design, with its unique five-door hatchback shape and class-leading frameless doors making it distinctive among its peers. Beyond its exterior palette, the SL03 offers five body colours for consumers to choose from, catering to users’ demand for personalization. Internally, SL03 offers two new interior colours, Glare Black and Serene Moon White, featuring a new central control armrest box design and innovative craftsmanship, adding to the vehicle’s premium feel.

Furthermore, DEEPAL SL03 made significant enhancements to the whole vehicle’s NVH performance and adopted a repeatedly polished strategy with the all-new tuning of the chassis suspension, balancing both sportiness and comfort. The newly added 135km range-extender model achieves a 0-100km acceleration performance in 7.2 seconds.

In addition, DEEPAL Automotive has introduced the audio tuning plan and driving modification plan for previous SL03 users, further enhancing their driving experience. These changes have enabled DEEPAL Automotive to upgrade from all aspects, both software and hardware, providing users with a fresh driving experience. In the face of the competitive market, DEEPAL Automotive is committed to meeting market demand through technical innovation and improving user experience.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email