Can Weipai Gaoshan, starting at 35K, outpace DENZA D9?

On August 25, at the 26th Chengdu International Auto Show, the new energy vehicle manufacturer Wei announced the official launch of pre-orders for its debut new energy MPV model, Gao Shan. The pre-orders for this model will be conducted through the official Wei App, TikTok, and WeChat Mini Program, amongst other platforms, wherein all pre-order customers can enjoy four-fold pre-order benefits, including “1000 yuan deposit for 10,000 yuan benefits.”

It is understood that Wei’s Gao Shan is built based on a brand-new exclusive platform for high-end new energy MPVs. Amid the rise of new energy technology applications, this model attempts to satisfy the broad user expectations for high-quality family-use new energy MPV models.

Gao Shan by Wei achieves several technological innovations. It is currently the only high-end MPV model that simultaneously boasts a completely flat floor, an all-aluminum five-link suspension, new energy power, and intelligent electric four-wheel drive – a “four-in-one” capability. It has an electric range of 140 kilometers under WLTC test conditions, and its combined range surpasses 900 kilometers.

In terms of vehicle design, Gao Shan by Wei aims to meet family car requirements. It adopts a 5+3 golden body size design, ultra-long slide rail design for the second and third rows, and an accordion style luggage compartment design, all to provide users with ample room and storage. It is reported that even when fully occupied by seven individuals, the trunk can still accommodate seven 20-inch suitcases.

In terms of internal configurations, Gao Shan by Wei sets high standards. The vehicle is equipped with a seat design that meets NASA’s zero-gravity standard, uses ultra-soft top-tier NAPPA genuine leather material, and is the first in its class to have an inbuilt compressor refrigerator and Harman Kardon sound system.

With the formal commencement of pre-orders, Gao Shan by Wei is expected to break into the 350,000-400,000 high-end family MPV market, competing with other mainstream models in the market, such as the DENZA D9.

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