AITO's New M7 Spacious Sedan Debuts at Chengdu Auto Show

On August 26, at the 26th Chengdu Auto Show, the all-new product from AITO Wanjie – the M7 Big Five-Seater Edition made its official debut. With a pre-sale price starting from CNY 258,000, it is set to be officially released and delivered on September 12.

This new model is a product deeply upgraded by Huawei, with a total investment exceeding CNY 500 million. Huawei’s Executive Director, CEO of Terminal BG, and CEO of Intelligent Vehicle Solution BU, Yu Chengdong, stated on the spot, “The AITO Wanjie new M7 Big Five-Seater Edition is our brand-new model that we have upgraded. Our goal is to provide consumers with an exceptional car offering comprehensive performance, spacious interior, comprehensive active and passive safety, comfortable ride, and rich intelligent features.”

The new model boasts a class-leading 3.3-meter large effective interior space and a body comprised of over 80% high-strength steel and aluminum alloy, both points guaranteeing more space for the vehicle occupants and better safety. In terms of intelligent driving experience, the new model has received all-new upgrades, possessing not only the Huawei Hongmeng Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 but also an upgraded Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving 2.0.

For safety, the AITO Wanjie new M7 Big Five-Seater Edition also underwent a comprehensive upgrade. In addition to the high-strength materials of the body, the new model supports omnidirectional active collision prevention, including forward collision, lateral collision, and low-speed collision protection, ensuring comprehensive driving safety.

At this stage, consumers can make inquiries and bookings at Huawei Mall, Huawei Authorized Experience Stores, and AITO User Centers. For those with a purchase intent for this new model, this is a great opportunity. Aside from enjoying a discount of CNY 2,000 against CNY 8,000, they also have the chance to participate in the September 12 product release and vehicle delivery ceremony in Shanghai.

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