HOZON Shines at Chengdu Car Show with Four New Models: Are they Poised to Lead in EV Evolution?

At the Chengdu International Auto Show which opened on August 25, HOZON Automobile made a sparkling appearance, showcasing four new models: the HOZON GT unibrow version, the 2024 HOZON S, the HOZON AYA pet modification version, and the HOZON U-Ⅱ challenge version. These models are a testament to HOZON’s commitment and ability in technology, as well as its dedication to the development of electric smart cars.

In the racing area, the HOZON GT phenomenally announced the world’s first F1 track pure electric production car lap time record of only 2 minutes 39 seconds, much to the marvel of the spectators present. As the only two-door four-seat pure electric sports car in China, the HOZON GT, in just 4 months of its release, has already set various records co-created with users. Meeting user demands, the HOZON GT offers the freedom to choose between a unibrow version and a browless version, with the latter becoming standard across all models starting October 1.

During the Auto Show, HOZON also shared its recently launched HOZON super computing brand 2.0, which is the core technical base supporting the upgrade of HOZON. It encompasses five leading technical products such as HOZON super computation, HOZON skateboard chassis, HOZON eDrive, HOZON Range extender, and HOZON Thermoregulation.

Driven by innovation, HOZON has yielded success across various global regions including ASEAN, South America, and the Middle East, thereby attracting a delegation from mainstream Thai media to the exhibition who were interested to understand how ‘China’s HOZON’ rapidly became ‘the world’s HOZON’.
HOZON adheres to a technocentric and user-focused design philosophy, continuously overcoming technical challenges to create widely popular products, contributing significantly to the advancement of electric intelligent vehicles.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.