Geely's New Energy Sedans: a Challenge to the Market?

On August 25, the four new energy sedans of the GEELY Galaxy L6 officially launched presale at the Chengdu Auto Show. The models include the 60km AIR, 60km PLUS, 125km MAX and 125km Starship, with presale price ranging from 128,000 to 158,000 Yuan. Customers can reserve on the GEELY Galaxy APP or mini program.

GEELY Galaxy L6 is widely considered to be a new generation of intelligent hybrid sedan, pushing the value of A-class sedans to new heights. It possesses leading edge advantages in intelligence, control, safety and comfort. It continues the mission of the GEELY Galaxy series – ensuring high value for each new energy vehicle, firstly adopting 12 intelligent technologies exclusive to its class.

The new model boasts an unbeaten 44.26% mass-production peak thermal efficiency, a 1.5TD Thunder Electric Hybrid engine, and the world’s first P1+P2 dual motor Super Frequency Drive DHT Pro. It successfully overcomes the technical pain points of the single gear transmission on the market and achieves both energy saving and power advantages. Its fuel consumption under WLTC conditions is the lowest in its class at 4.55L/100km, along with the class’ longest 1370km combined cruising range and fastest 0-100km acceleration in 6.3 seconds.

Importantly, the GEELY Galaxy L6 features a full stack, self-developed, full scenario AI model. It deploys AI vehicle external audio interaction, AI children’s picture book technology amongst others. The 125km Starship hybrid sedan is kitted out with LED welcoming carpet lights, an intelligent onboard aroma system, and dual-environment dome skylights, elevating the vehicle’s sense of value and luxury.

The GEELY Galaxy L6 is equipped with the iHBC intelligent high-beam control, rain sensor wipers, front-row foot lights, 6-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, 4-way power-adjustable passenger’s seat, independent dual-zone intelligent automatic air conditioning, AQS air quality monitoring system, 50W wireless charging for mobile phones, and Level 2 intelligent driving assistance systems, amongst a host of high-value configurations.

Regarding safety, the new vehicle comes standard with a Shield battery safety system that intervenes with 4 national battery safety tests, effectively preventing smoke, fire and explosions, guaranteed against 120℃ temperature difference test, from minus 35℃ to 85℃. The car also provides a range of safety configurations including the monocoque hot-formed boron steel door ring, rear passenger seat V-beam protectors, ultra-fine antibacterial steering wheel, CN95 high-efficiency combined air filters, rear parking radar, Bosche 9.3 ESP body electronic stability control, CBC curve braking control, and RMI Roll Movement Intervention.

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