Can EVERUS 2.0 Era's First Strategic Vehicle Outshine Other Models?

On August 25, the Yaoguang Flying Fish edition made its debut at the 26th Chengdu International Auto Show. The model offers four configurations: the premium Flying Fish edition, the four-wheel drive Flying Fish edition, the enjoy Flying Fish four-wheel drive edition, and the honor Flying Fish four-wheel drive edition. The official guidance price ranges from 167,800 to 206,800 yuan.

In addition, numerous car purchasing benefits are offered with this model, such as loan discounts up to 10,000 yuan, replacement subsidies up to 10,000 yuan, and exclusive privileges for first-owner.

The creation of the Yaoguang Flying Fish edition deepens the concept of luxury equality and brings a higher level of comfort. Furthermore, its generous chassis configuration reshapes the market value system further.

On the power level, this model continues to carry the 2.0 T+7 DCT power system, with an additional 2.0 T + Aisin 8AT new power combination.

In terms of intelligent driving, the Yaoguang Flying Fish edition comes equipped with 21 ADAS features such as ACC/AEB/FCW and 11 advanced intelligent driving capabilities. Besides a comprehensive upgrade in driving performance, the new car has also been attentively designed in aspects of the hub and seats to enhance the riding experience.

The Yaoguang Flying Fish edition, as the first strategic model of the EXEED 2.0 era, is an outstanding model built to global vision, standards, and quality. The Yaoguang Flying Fish edition further deepens luxury equality and achieves upgraded comfort, intending to lead EXEED towards a better future.

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