Geely's Electric Pick-up RD6 Begins Global Journey, Competing with Tesla

On August 15, at Tianjin Port, the Geely native electric pickup truck Radar RD6 officially began its global journey. Following its roll-off production line on July 25, it becomes the first stage contest with ‘China’s Intelligent Manufacturing’, new energy pickup trucks like the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian, and others.

In recent years, with the strong rise of China’s automotive industry, independent brands are increasingly inclined to go overseas. In the first half of this year, China jumped to the world’s largest exporter with vehicle exports of 2.14 million. Among them, new energy vehicle exports reached 534,000, with pure electric models accounting for as much as 89%. All these coincide with China’s eight consecutive years of being the global leader in new energy vehicle production and sales.

The pickup truck industry also welcomes the new energy wave. Excellent new energy pickup trucks like the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T have made their mark in overseas markets. Geely Radar RD6, the native electric pickup, stands out in China’s fuel-powered pickup market, becoming the country’s first native electric pickup and steadily growing, leading domestic new energy pickup sales.

With the strong accumulation of Made in China and new energy technology, Radar RD6 officially joins the ranks of Chinese brands going global. Geely Radar has spent 3 years developing the first native electric pickup platform M.A.P for the niche market of new energy pickup trucks. This platform, originated from the Geely Haohan architecture, adheres to the philosophy of passenger car-ification, follows up on the core technology of mainstream passenger car platforms, and creates a brand new ‘passenger car-ification’ track.

Radar RD6 upgrades across four major dimensions to meet the needs of the times: power, control, comfort, and safety. With pure electric technology, the Radar RD6 accelerates to 100 kilometers in just 6 seconds, and the top speed can reach 185 km/h. It has strong driving endurance of over 632 km. Its operation level also adheres to Geely Group’s high standards. Radar RD6 exceeds the safety standards of traditional pick-up trucks, like 4 times the vehicle body weight of the roof compression standard, allowing users to enjoy five-star driving safety.

In addition, the Radar RD6 also has a number of pioneering developments in new energy technology. For instance, it supports driving, stationary, and locked car discharge modes and can adjust to multiple interfaces, including 220V/10A, 220V/16A, and 12V low voltage. With a maximum discharge power of 6 kW, it is a global first in all-scenario discharge platforms.

In order to perfectly replicate the domestic new energy ecosystem, Geely’s radar has chosen to join hands with local overseas dealers and car groups. With product strategies specifically developed to suit different countries and regions, it aims to satisfy the unique demands of different areas, rapidly expand its brand image and market presence in these places, and thereby greatly enhance the car-buying experience for overseas customers. It also plans to establish a complete service system and complimenting new energy measures overseas, forming a comprehensive new energy pickup ecosystem.

Whilst having an optimistic outlook on the overseas market, the Radar RD6 continues to lead in the domestic market with a market share of 72.3% in July, continuing its lead. Geely Group has invested substantial resources in Radar. We are eager to see its performance on a global scale.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email