VOYAH FREE: A Closer Look at the Baidu-Aided Upgrade

Last year, VOYAH auto signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu, establishing a favored partnership in areas such as intelligent driving, smart cockpit, driving simulation cloud, car safety, and smart maps. Following this, at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, the new VOYAH FREE, equipped with Baidu’s Apollo Highway Driving Pro intelligent driving system, made its inaugural debut. Of course, besides advancements in assisted driving technology, the new VOYAH FREE has also been significantly upgraded in terms of its exterior design and interior fit-out. Today, let’s delve into a static exploration of this new vehicle.

Aesthetically, the new VOYAH FREE inherits the sports design DNA of the current model, while making some youthful modifications to its original yacht-like outline.

In the front end, the new VOYAH FREE adopts a flat design based on the current waterfall-style grille. The lower surround is made up of intersecting lines, adding a sharp, modern touch. LED light strips extending from the center illuminate the logo, enhancing the overall visual width of the vehicle’s front. The vehicle’s overall shape is more striking and sporty than the current model. Furthermore, consumers can select the new VOYAH FREE in Luminous Gold, Dieroke White, Cloud Blue, and Black Obsidian, with the addition of Emerald Green.

As for the side profile, the new VOYAH FREE features smooth body lines, while its low-riding stance exudes a dynamic, ready-to-pounce energy. With chrome trim, a silver roof rack, and wheel arches contrasted against the body color, the car hints at an appealing touch of sporty fashion. The wheels are fitted with Michelin tires and feature 20-inch aerated five-spoke rims, with a tire specification of 255/45 R 20. Moreover, hidden door handles have also been introduced. In terms of dimensions, the new VOYAH FREE spans 4,905/1,950/1,645 mm in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,960 mm.
The rear end continues the current model’s through-type taillights and flowing turn signal lights, which shine brilliantly upon illumination. The upper rear features a slightly upturned tail wing design, while the lower rear has a newly added diffuser, enhancing the outwards sports car aesthetic and contributing to aerodynamics. Notably, the new vehicle’s lower-right rear now features an apollo tech emblem, symbolising the successful launch of the smart driving product from a full-scale collaboration between VOYAH and Baidu.

The interior of the new VOYAH FREE has a symmetrically designed central console, based around a large central screen and wrapped in an extensive application of soft materials. This setup produces a visually pleasing sense of technology and comfort. In addition to a set of conspicuous triple screens, the car retains some physical buttons. The physical buttons below the main screen operate the air conditioning settings, while those below the air vents govern the driving assistance and driving mode selection. Additionally, the car is equipped with wireless charging for mobile phones. The interior colours come in three combinations for consumers to choose from: light brown, millet red, and deep hue.

The three-spoke steering wheel features a colour-matching design offering a satisfying grip. An integrated retractable triple-screen system, 1,066 mm long and 30 mm adjustable in height, is embedded with a Qualcomm 8155 chip, which performs outstandingly in terms of fluidity and voice response. In the car, three screens operate in unison, with navigation, music, and other information accessible for both drivers and passengers. The system can also adjust its height automatically depending on the car’s mode, adding a sense of ritual.Let’s proceed with the translation.

In terms of intelligent driving, the new VOYAH FREE equips Baidu Apollo Highway Driving Pro autonomous driving system, featuring the Highway Pilot assistive navigation (NOA) and human-machine co-driving maps, including advanced functionalities such as full-speed intelligent cruise, automatic on and off-ramp navigation, and smart service area entry and exit assistance. In addition to driving assistance, for parking, Apollo supports comprehensive automatic parking, one-touch remote control parking, memory parking, and remote vehicle summoning.

The rear integrated touchscreen caters to rear passengers’ needs by supporting music playback control, sunroof/moonroof adjustment, screen timeout, brightness adjustment, and air conditioning control.

Seats are layered with leather, offering comfortable cushions and reliable support. The front seats are equipped with electronic adjustment, seat heating, seat ventilation, and massage features. Rear middle seat cushion is comparatively shorter, and features a center headrest. The new model maintains consistency in terms of space, with the trunk volume gauged at 560L. Folding the rear seats increases truck space to a whopping 1320L.

In the power department, the new VOYAH FREE comes equipped with a 1.5T range extender hybrid system. Dual front and rear drive motors generate power of 160 kW and 200 kW respectively, complying with the National 6b emission standard. It features a front double-wishbone suspension and a rear five-link suspension. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a 100mm adjustable air suspension, allowing 100mm height adjustment to match Economy, Comfort, High power, Off-road, and Custom driving modes.

The new VOYAH FREE in exterior and interiorThe adornments have been upgraded, and concurrently, as the first vehicle embedded with Baidu’s Apollo Highway Driving Pro Smart Driving System, this aspect would also impart stronger competitive viability to the new VOYAH Free. The pricing for the new VOYAH Free remains unknown; will it allow it to secure substantial sales in this fiercely competitive market?

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.