SAIC General Motors partners with Sina to be the first in the industry to launch a Weibo car-mounted App.

Recently, SAIC General Motors and Sina Weibo have reached a cooperation, launching the Sina Weibo in-car App application on the Buick ELECTRA E5, making the E5 the first model in the industry to carry this application. In the future, SAIC General Motors will also promote the Sina Weibo in-car App on more Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac branded models.

In-car device users can not only browse news and image information on the Sina Weibo in-car App through the high-definition large screen of the SAIC General Motors VCS intelligent cockpit, but also view Weibo content feeds, including recommended content and car enthusiast circle selections, which helps form new social relationships. What’s worth mentioning is that this Sina Weibo in-car App breaks the traditional limitation of “viewing” Weibo, presenting Weibo hot searches and Sina news in a clearer information flow and a convenient audio-visual format, allowing users to “hear” the latest news while driving.

The new generation VCS intelligent cockpit system by SAIC General Motors was jointly developed by General Motors and Pan-Asia Automotive Technology Center. Based on the new generation VIP intelligent electronic architecture, it integrates industry-leading hardware configurations, convenient system functions, friendly interactive experiences, rich entertainment and application ecological markets, and can be upgraded through OTA remote updates, providing users with intelligent and efficient, seamless multi-dimensional driving experiences from function to service. At present, the new generation VCS intelligent cockpit system has been installed in seven models, including Cadillac LYRIQ, the new CT6, the new XT4, the new GT4, Buick ELECTRA E5, Buick Century, and the new generation Buick Junyue, covering both electric and fuel vehicle product lines. Starting from 2023, all new models of SAIC General Motors will be equipped with VCS intelligent cockpit system. In addition, the VCS intelligent cockpit system will also introduce models equipped with the Snapdragon 8195 chip and AR-HUD, bringing comprehensive functional upgrades in voice engines, human-computer interaction, and mobile phone interconnection capabilities. From 2024, the VCS intelligent cockpit system will also usher in hardware upgrades such as rear-seat entertainment, four-audio-zone voice commands, and external audio.

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