New Smart #3 Hits Chinese Market: Pre-Orders Open with Delivery in June, Four Exciting Configurations & Limited Edition BRABUS Performance Model

On June 1, the all-new smart #3 was launched and pre-ordered in China, with official deliveries starting within June. The all-new smart #3 comes in four variants, namely Pro+, Pulse AWD, Premium, and BRABUS Performance Edition, with an official retail price range of RMB 209,900 to ****28.99 (excluding optional extras). The BRABUS Performance Edition is limited to 1,999 units in 2023.

**The official retail prices for the Pro+ are RMB 209,900, the Pulse AWD is RMB 239,900, the Premium is RMB 255,900, and the BRABUS Performance Edition (limited to 1,999 units in 2023) is RMB 289,900 (all excluding optional extras).** This month, the all-new smart #3 will officially start delivering the first batch of production vehicles.

Mr. Tong Xiangbei, CEO of smart Global Corporation, said: “This year, the smart brand is entering a new phase of full-speed operation. Our continuously evolving product portfolio, rapidly expanding global business network, and constantly improving service levels are solid evidence of smart’s commitment to its promises. In the future, we will continue to accelerate, work together with our users and dealer partners, and make tomorrow smarter.”

From June 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023 (inclusive), customers who complete an RMB 5,000 deposit payment will be eligible for the following benefits.

Customers choosing the all-new smart #3 Pulse AWD and Premium models can enjoy up to a 5,000 RMB discount on their balance payment. For those who pre-order the all-new smart #3 Pulse AWD, Premium, and BRABUS Performance Edition models, and select premium Photon Orange, Lunar White, or Stardust Blue colors, a 5,000 RMB discount on the premium color is available. Customers who successfully pre-order the all-new smart #3 Pulse AWD or BRABUS Performance Edition will be eligible for a 4,000 RMB wheel upgrade discount. First-time owners of the all-new smart #3 Pulse AWD, Premium, and BRABUS Performance Edition models will also receive charging pile installation services, and 2 years of free warranty service.

For those who pre-order the all-new smart Elf #3 Pulse 4WD version, a free upgrade valued at RMB 12,000 for the stylish package is available. Moreover, first-time “close friends” who place an order for the all-new smart Elf #3 can enjoy trade-in benefits. If you are already a smart Elf #1 owner, you can get an additional 30,000 smart points when placing an order now. Smart also offers ultra-low-interest financial solutions for all “close friends.” For more surprise benefits, please check the “smart Car App” or “smart Car Mini Program” official channels.

The all-new smart Elf #3, endorsed by the Mercedes-Benz Global Design Team, adopts the “New Luxury Sports Aesthetics” design style. In terms of appearance, the front body width-height ratio reaches 1.19, making it lower and wider. The wheel-to-height ratio is 0.45, and the wheel-to-wheel ratio reaches the golden three-to-one proportion, the same as top sports cars.

The all-new smart Elf #3 features a shark nose front end, a bow-shaped roof with wing elements, and side lines like a cheetah ready to pounce. These design elements not only showcase its sporty aesthetics but also achieve excellent aerodynamic performance with a drag coefficient as low as 0.27.

The all-new smart Elf #3 offers nine body colors, 15 exterior color combinations, five interior themes, and four wheel rim styles providing more colorful possibilities.

The interior features contrasting stitching, smart logo headrests, rivet designs on the seats, integrated coupé-style seats, and turbine-style air conditioning vents, displaying the futuristic luxury and new sporty style of the all-new smart Elf #3.

The interior space also embodies futuristic luxury and new sporty elegance.

Mr. Joel Baek, Head of Mercedes-Benz China Design Center, said: “The all-new smart Elf #3, crafted with the full support of the Mercedes-Benz Global Design Team, perfectly embodies a more dynamic and energetic new luxury sports aesthetic. This new model will not only become an iconic design in the urban transportation field but also bring new luxury inspiration to the fashion world.”

The all-new Smart Elf #3 features a dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system with a peak total power of 315 kW and a peak total torque of 543 N·m. The BRABUS performance version accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds, completes a 0-400 m straight-line sprint in only 11.97 s, and reaches a top speed of 180.15 km/h.

The all-new Smart Elf #3 is a perfect match for performance enthusiasts

The all-new Smart Elf #3 boasts a 50-50 weight distribution, a minimal turning radius of 5.5 meters, and a moose test result of 82.7 km/h (ISO 3888—2 standard). The BRABUS performance version offers 4 driving modes and 3 steering modes to choose from.

The entire line of the all-new Smart Elf #3 comes standard with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 smart cockpit chips, enabling a voice-activated car system in just 0.33 seconds. The Avatar assistant, featuring a cheetah image, offers 40 gesture actions and 6 exclusive actions.

The all-new Smart Elf #3 is equipped with the Smart Pilot Assist intelligent driving assistance system, boasting 23 features (including L2+ level). The vehicle is powered by a 66 kWh ternary lithium battery, providing a maximum range of 520 kilometers for the four-wheel-drive model and up to 580 kilometers for the single motor rear-wheel-drive version (both under the CLTC China light vehicle driving cycle conditions), making it suitable for a week of urban commuting on a single charge.

Designed to meet both C-NCAP and E-NCAP five-star safety standards, the all-new Smart Elf #3 employs high-strength steel in 74% of its construction. Standard features include automatic emergency braking, forward collision mitigation, and lane-keep assist, among many others. In terms of environmental safety, the Smart dashboard uses eco-friendly 3D mesh and imported INS-process metallic foils from Germany, in compliance with the stringent EU REACH regulations.

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