NIO Unveils Updated Power Journey Plans, New ET7 Model, and More at 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

NIO announced during the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition that it will add 200 new battery swap stations every month in the future, and updated their Power Journey plan. In terms of models, the EC7 will start delivery in May, and the ES8 will start delivery in June. Additionally, NIO unveiled the all-new ES6 and the 2023 ET7.

The 2023 NIO ET7 comes with new features such as dawn golden body paint, a towing package, N-Box, and a heated front windshield. The wireless charging panel has also been upgraded, the seat experience optimized, and the center console decorated with a chrome ring. The soft-packaging covering of the lower sides of the front and rear doors has been modified, and the door storage compartments enhanced with cup holders. The bottom of the car uses plush technology. The price for this annual model has not been adjusted, it still ranges from ¥458,000 to ¥536,000, and it will start pre-ordering from today with delivery starting in mid-May.

The all-new ES6 and ET5 share the same platform, but much of it is inherited from the ES8, including its appearance which has changed dramatically. The car is now 30 mm wider and 53 mm lower than the previous model, and the empty suspension has been removed, leaving only the CDC shock absorber.

Like the ES8 and EC7 announced several months ago at NIO DAY, all chrome parts have been removed and only a few metal strips around the black surrounds remain. The whole front face has adopted a purer X-Bar design, but also with a bit more sportiness, such as the ET5-like side air guide, the self-developed 4-piston fixed caliper and the 150 kW front and 210 kW rear dual motors similar to those of the ET5. The flat side windows, suspended roof, hidden wipers, high-mount brake lights, and turn signals are similar to those of the ES8.# New ES6 from NIO Officially Launching in Late May
The new ES6 from NIO will be officially launched in late May. Although the interior is roughly the same as the new ES7 and EC7, I am attracted by some details, such as the decorative line on the backrest of the front seat, which I think can greatly improve the luxury feeling for the rear seat passengers. This line even gives me a sense of luxury that I think may be even more than the new ES8.

What’s more, the key feature is that the ES6 now has an adjustable headrest in the front row, which has 22 electric adjustments and can be manually adjusted back and forth and up and down. The area is also very large. You don’t even need to try it to know that it’s much more comfortable than before when it was not adjustable. And the rear seats also have electric adjustment.

The all-new ES6 will be officially released around late May, and customers who have ordered will receive a complimentary customization worth ¥8,000 (Moon theme and Aurora Orange calipers).

Check out the photos below to see more details of the all-new ES6 from NIO:

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