Baidu Apollo Unveils Upgraded Smart Driving Products at Shanghai Auto Show 2021: A First Look at Baidu's Open Innovation Plan for Smart Cars.

On April 12, Baidu Intelligent Vehicle Division held a media briefing. At the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show, Baidu Apollo will appear at booth 7A08 in Hall 7.1 and hold the Apollo Automotive Intelligence Business Launch event on April 16.

At that time, Baidu Apollo will bring a brand-new upgraded cockpit design – the “Polygon” product matrix and release the Baidu Intelligent Vehicle open solution. This is also the first industry appearance of Baidu Intelligent Vehicle Division since its establishment in the second half of 2021.

Baidu has been laying out autonomous driving since 2013 and has been deeply cultivating in this field for a decade. Currently, the wave of vehicle intelligence is coming faster than expected, and triggering a new round of industrial chain supply chain reconstruction. China has become the most active market for intelligent vehicles innovation and is also the largest consumer market in the world.

According to McKinsey’s 2023 China Automotive Consumer Insights, 87% of consumers believe that intelligent network connections are meaningful and 75% have a demand for high-speed intelligent driving. The proportion of consumers who require urban intelligent driving has also reached 60%.

In the second half of the intelligent era, the focus of competition between companies is not only on technology, but also on who can fully satisfy consumer requirements and provide consumers with safe, secure, and intelligent experiences with real senses.

In the field of L4 level autonomous driving exploration for nearly a decade, Baidu Apollo’s intelligent driving algorithms have undergone more than 50 million kilometers of professional road tests and accumulated massive amounts of data and production experience. Baidu Apollo adheres to its mission of making cars smarter and travel simpler. In the second half of 2021, Baidu officially established the Intelligent Vehicle Division and applied the accumulated L4 level technological capabilities to the mass-produced passenger vehicle field, creating a leading L2+ intelligent driving system.

Baidu Apollo has launched a full range of intelligent driving products covering low, medium, and high combinations, including Apollo City Driving Max for urban navigation, Apollo Highway Driving Pro for combined highway driving and parking, and Apollo Parking for autonomous parking. At the same time, Baidu Apollo also has products in the fields of intelligent cabin and intelligent map, becoming the only Tier 1 enterprise with a full layout of “cockpit design” matrix in the country.# Apollo City Driving Max: The Flagship Intelligent Driving Product Built by Baidu Apollo

Apollo City Driving Max, the flagship intelligent driving product built by Baidu Apollo, not only supports autonomous cruising, traffic jam follow-up, lane changing and overtaking, intersection passing, ramp merging, and tunnel driving, but also has advanced intelligent driving features such as reasoning obscured red and green lights, automatic speed limit adjustment based on traffic flow speed, and automatic ETC payment, making it even safer and more advanced. In the second half of 2022, Apollo City Driving Max has already started generalized testing in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

The key factor that consumers use to evaluate whether the intelligent driving product is “usable” or “good to use” is the experience of safety, peace of mind, and continuous realness. Intelligent automobiles are a new species developed through the collaborative integration of multiple industries and technologies. Host factories and suppliers need to identify their respective positions, leverage their respective advantages, form professional divisions of labor, and collaborate to build collective strength.

During the Shanghai Auto Show, Baidu Apollo will release the “Intelligent Automobile Open White Paper”, sharing new ideas on exploring the “new type of whole-industry cooperation” along with automakers under the trend of intelligent transformation of the industry ecosystem.

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