Revolutionizing EV MPVs: Unveiling the SAIC Maxus MIFA 7 with Sleek Design & Dual Energy Options

Recently, the latest batch of application catalogs from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology includes the SAIC Maxus MIFA 7, a new electric MPV. Prior to this, SAIC Maxus named MIFA in Chinese as “Everyone,” and the MIFA 9 model was also renamed “Everyone 9.” It is unclear whether MIFA 7 will follow suit.

The new vehicle’s design is concise, with only a ring-shaped light strip and teardrop-shaped headlamps on the front face. The rear only features the “7” shaped taillights, model name, and manufacturer.

In terms of size, the new vehicle’s length, width, and height are 4,907 × 1,885 × 1,756 or 1,768 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,975 mm. As for the seat layout, it offers 6 or 7 seats, catering to different user needs.

According to the declared information, the new vehicle provides two energy replenishment modes: battery swap and charging. It uses a lithium iron phosphate battery from a joint venture between CATL and SAIC. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a motor rated at 90 kW and a peak power output of 180 kW.

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