Introducing the AITO M9: A Revolutionary Flagship to Rival L9 and G9 Models - Exclusive Patent Images Revealed!

Recently, a set of Wanjie M9 model patent images were revealed for the first time. The new car will become the flagship model of the AITO brand, competing with models such as the Ideal L9 and Xiaopeng G9 in the future.

Judging from the patent images, the car adopts a new design style, differing from the existing Wanjie M5 and Wanjie M7 models. In terms of details, the car features polygonal headlamp clusters, with integrated LED daytime running light strips, and air-guiding grooves along the lower edge of the clusters, complemented by a large trapezoidal air intake. Laser radar is also installed on both sides of the front, located on the fenders.

Looking at the side of the car, it is likely to feature a dual-color body design, coupled with hidden door handles, dense-spoke wheel rims, and a roof rack. As for the rear, the car’s tailgate adopts a new design, abandoning the family-style clamshell and utilizing a popular through-style taillight cluster, with the shapes on both sides echoing the front headlamp clusters. Additionally, the car employs a bright-colored rear diffuser.

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