BYD Unveils New Yunlu Tech: Enhancing Ride Comfort for High-End Models with 4 Sophisticated Chassis Control Systems

On the evening of April 10, BYD Yunlan technology was officially launched. “Yunlan” refers to the most top-notch ancient transportation, while “Yunlan” itself means the transportation of ancient sages and gods. Yunlan will be equipped on BYD’s Dynasty Ocean flagship models, Tengshi, Yangwang, and the models of BYD’s professional personalized brand.

Literally, this technology is designed for high-end models, enabling the vehicle to maintain stability under various road conditions and further enhancing passengers’ riding comfort. BYD Yunlan includes four different orientations of vehicle body control systems: Yunlan–C, Yunlan–A, Yunlan–P, and Yunlan–X.

Yunlan–C is an intelligent damping body control system, similar to the commonly seen CDC variable damping shock absorbers on the market, using electronically controlled valves to adjust the damping of the shock absorber, and is the entry-level version of the Yunlan series. In the future, this system will be equipped on high-end models of BYD Han and Tang.

Yunlan–A is an intelligent air body control system, similar to air suspension on the market, characterized by the ability to intelligently change vehicle height. This system can also synchronize with seat side wings, actively enhancing seat side support when cornering, and implementing active wing protection. Yunlan–A is expected to be the first to be equipped on the Tengshi N7 model.

Yunlan–P is an intelligent hydraulic body control system, capable of turning on the spot and emergency floating, as used on the Yangwang U8. Yunlan–P achieves multi-level suspension variable stiffness adjustment capability by adopting hydraulic energy storage buffering, catering to users’ all-around needs in different driving scenarios.

Yun Che-X is the flagship model, incorporating the technical essence of the C/A/P trio of systems. It can utilize binocular cameras or LiDAR to recognize the road’s undulations ahead, proactively adjusting the suspension system accordingly.

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