BYD Dolphin's competitor has arrived, Volkswagen ID.2 debuts.

On March 16th, Volkswagen released the ID.2 all concept car, positioned as an A0-class pure electric vehicle. This is also the first product under Volkswagen’s MEB Entry platform (a front-wheel drive platform derived from MEB), with an official price of less than 25,000 euros (about RMB 180,000).

Compared with the currently available ID.3, the positioning of Volkswagen ID.2 all is more entry-level. The length, width, and height of the vehicle are 4,050 × 1,812 × 1,530 mm, and the wheelbase is 2,600 mm. The overall size is very similar to Volkswagen’s small car, the Polo, and will directly compete with the Dolphin in the domestic market.

ID.2 all

Golf 8

The design language of ID.2 all is not similar to the current ID.3/4/6, but rather closer to the style of Golf 8. The official also stated that the design of the C-pillar on the side is derived from the classic design of Golf, plus the 225/40 R20 wheel style, making the body lines of this small car particularly powerful.

The through-type taillights, illuminable logo, and black diffuser at the rear make the small car look particularly sporty, even more so than the current ID.3.

Based on the MEB Entry platform, this is a front-wheel drive pure electric small car. However, what’s interesting is that the ID.2 all is equipped with a larger electric motor than the ID.3/4, with a power of 166 kW / 226 horsepower, and an official acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds, and a WLTP range of up to 450 kilometers.

Due to its positioning, the ID.2 all suspension can only use a front MacPherson independent suspension and a non-independent torsion beam rear suspension. However, a small car with a high-power front-wheel drive and a rear torsion beam makes the driving experience of the ID.2 all very enjoyable.

On the interior, the modifications made to the ID.2 all are quite significant. The intelligent cockpit consists of two large screens, and the digital instrument panel appears larger and more advanced than any other ID. product currently available on the MEB platform, with more comprehensive display content. Higher-end features, such as IQ.LIGHT matrix-style headlights and travel assistance, will also be equipped.

The interface of the central control screen is the same as the upcoming ID.7, with a row of physical buttons underneath for air conditioning and volume control.

The knob on the center console is used for multimedia and central control, as the gearbox is still in the “hold gear” position behind the steering wheel. There are also two wireless charging panels for smartphones above the knob.

Below the center console is a very large storage space, where all kinds of scattered sundries can be piled up, which is quite practical and is currently the interior design that pure electric vehicles tend to favor. It is worth mentioning that the set of 4 power window switches is finally complete.

The ID.2 all’s front-wheel drive setting leaves a very large trunk space, with a capacity that can be expanded from 490 L to 1,330 L, a figure that surpasses the ID.3.

The expected price of the ID.2 all in Europe is less than 25,000 Euros (about RMB 180,000), which is significantly cheaper than the 40,000 Euros ID.3, and it will also fill the gap in the European pure electric small car market, in order to achieve the goal of obtaining 80% of the electric vehicle market share in Europe.

After arriving in China, its biggest competitor is the BYD Dolphin with a price range of RMB 116,800 to 136,800. What kind of premium do you think the ID.2 all, now bearing the Volkswagen badge, should have in order to compete with the Dolphin?

Source: Volkswagen Official

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