The new Nissan X-Trail e-POWER is launched with a price range of 138,900 to 174,900 RMB.

On March 10th, Nissan’s new Xuan Yi e-POWER was officially launched with five models, priced between 138,900 to 174,900 yuan.

In terms of exterior design, the new car adopts the family-style design language V-Motion. Its front face has been redesigned, equipped with a large-sized front grille, and filled with short, linear chrome decorations inside. The rear bumper of the new car has also been redesigned, surrounded by a circle of chrome decorations.

In terms of size, the dimensions of the new models are 4,652 x 1,815 x 1,450 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,712 mm.

As for the interior, the new car provides a brand new interior color scheme, decorative patterns and added blue ambient lighting. At the same time, the central control touch screen has been enlarged to 12.3 inches, and the three circular air vents below are combined with a new shift lever. The vehicle is equipped with voice control, mobile App remote control and other functions.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with the second generation e-POWER hybrid system, and the driving motor is the same as that used in Nissan LEAF, with a maximum power of 100 kW and a peak torque of 300 N·m. The power system is completely driven by the motor, and the internal combustion engine is only used as a dedicated power generator.

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