Huawei's Huaweil M5 Intelligent Driving Edition has arrived, with an expected price of up to 350,000 yuan.

Writing by: Zhang Ruichen

Editing by: Pan Tan

Just after the heated discussions on changing its name to Huawei, Wanjie released news of a “new car model” on March 9th. In the afternoon, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a news article regarding the Huawei Wanjie M5 Intelligent Driving Version.

It should be noted that this model is not a new car, but rather a new configuration added to the Huawei Wanjie M5 model to improve its product matrix and add an optional choice for users. The intelligent driving version is a continuation of the series and is similar to the extended-range and pure electric versions of the Huawei Wanjie M5, serving as a family series.

It is understood that this model will be further upgraded in terms of intelligent driving capabilities, and may become the best model in the Huawei Wanjie M5 series. This will provide users with a better driving experience.

From the pictures released, we can see that the Huawei Wanjie M5 Intelligent Driving Version continues the design style of the current model. As the name suggests, the intelligent driving version focuses on improving intelligent driving capabilities by adding laser radar configurations placed on the roof, which are becoming popular on the market nowadays. The appearance of the intelligent driving version continues the family-style design of the Huawei Wanjie M5 and adds an all-angle ADAS camera. It is expected to be equipped with Huawei’s own computing unit and new high-definition cameras to enhance the overall environmental perception capability.

The upgraded intelligent driving capability is sure to bring considerable competitiveness to the entire Huawei Wanjie M5 series, which is also a major advantage brought by Huawei’s comprehensive leadership in the Wanjie project.

As it is only an added configuration to the model, there should not be much change in the size of the vehicle, which still belongs to the medium SUV category. Currently, only the application for the new car has been submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the supplier of the laser radar for the M5 Intelligent Driving Version has not been announced yet. However, it is highly possible that Huawei’s MDC series of computing platforms will be used, and the latest version of Huawei’s intelligent driving system is expected to be adopted.

In addition, the highly acclaimed Hongmeng cockpit will continue to be standard across the board for users. In terms of overall experience, the Hongmeng cockpit installed on the current models of Huawei’s MatePad 5 and MatePad 5 EV is the smoothest, most fluid, and most feature-rich car system currently available on the market. It not only seamlessly integrates with different devices such as people, phones, smart homes, and smartwatches, but also boasts industry-leading voice interaction, intelligent XiaoYi suggestions, and excellent navigation experience. It is worth mentioning that the extended-range version of the Huawei MatePad 5 has a comprehensive range of over 1200km, eliminating any concerns about range anxiety with no need to recharge during the trip.

Last year, in the new force field, Wanjie was indeed a dark horse. With Huawei’s all-round support in product definition, industrial design, user experience, quality control, sales channels, and brand marketing, the new brand quickly achieved a sales record of 12,000 units in its highest single month, proving its product strength and gaining good user reputation. Nowadays, with the advent of the intelligent driving version, coupled with the change of name of AITO Wanjie to HUAWEI, this Huawei-led automotive ecological brand is sure to see further sales growth. It is rumored that the price of the Huawei MatePad 5 intelligent driving version is expected to be around RMB 350,000. For ordinary consumers, if they do not have a strong need for intelligent driving configuration, they can also consider the current Huawei MatePad 5 and MatePad 5 EV, with a starting price of about RMB 250,000.

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