Mitsubishi will launch a total of 16 new vehicles in the next five years, with electric pickups and two-row SUVs expected to hit the market in 2028.

According to reports, Mitsubishi recently announced a new midterm plan called “Challenge 2025” in an effort to accelerate decarbonization.

The main focus of this plan is to increase development efforts and prioritize hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles. Out of the 16 new vehicles that Mitsubishi plans to launch in the next five years, 9 will be partially or fully electrified.

The product roadmap from 2023 to 2025 shows that a new pickup truck will be introduced around 2024. About a year later, a PPV, which is an abbreviation for a passenger vehicle based on a pickup truck’s chassis, meaning that it is an SUV that uses a truck’s ladder frame.

By 2028, Mitsubishi is expected to launch several electric vehicles, including a pickup truck, a two-row SUV, and two other electric vehicles developed in collaboration with Renault and Nissan.

By 2030, Mitsubishi’s goal is for electric vehicles to account for half of its global sales. To achieve this target, it will invest $1.5 billion (equivalent to 200 billion yen) in battery procurement. At the same time, the entire series’ carbon dioxide emissions are expected to decrease by 40% in the next three years.

By 2035, Mitsubishi’s lineup will be composed of only hybrid and electric vehicles. Mitsubishi will strengthen its ties with Renault and Nissan to achieve this goal.

For North America, Mitsubishi plans to enhance its electrification product lineup in the next three years to improve cooperation with Nissan.

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