The 2023 Ora Cat is now on the market with a price range of 129,800 yuan to 165,800 yuan.

On the evening of February 28th, the live broadcast of the 2023 Ora Good Cat launch event was held, releasing a total of 5 models.

Among them, the 401 km range version is priced between 129,800 to 149,800 yuan, while the 501 km range version is priced between 155,800 to 165,800 yuan.

The new car is equipped with a “bar-style” secondary instrument panel, electronic shifter, V2L external discharging, Michelin tires, 50W wireless phone fast charging, CN95 air filter, four-way adjustable steering wheel, Type-C interface and other configurations.

The 2023 Ora Good Cat has comprehensively upgraded and optimized key performance indicators such as NVH and driving stability and comfort, and has made multiple improvements and upgrades based on the driving experience of the new car.

The new car has undergone 12 optimizations for overall silence, reducing overall noise by 15%. The performance indicators of chassis tuning have been improved in 11 ways. The infotainment system has undergone 32 optimizations and upgrades.

The 2023 Ora Good Cat further improves its interior design, upgrading the shifter from “rotary knob” to “electronic shifter”, allowing users to shift gears without looking down and keeping their attention more focused. The new car also features a “bar-style” secondary instrument panel with integrated 50W wireless fast charging function, making the car more beautiful and improving phone charging efficiency.

The CN95 air conditioning filtration system of the 2023 Ora Good Cat filters harmful substances from the outside and purifies pollen, dust, mold, and peculiar smells.

Based on the Ora brand’s “retro-futuristic” design concept, the new car inherits classic design elements such as LED “cat eye” headlights and flowing light strip taillights, satisfying users’ aesthetic demands.

The new car continues the classic Morandi color scheme, including 4 solid color exteriors and two two-tone roof colors, totaling more than ten color schemes. The interior also has 6 fashionable color schemes.The New Car’s “Third Space” has three major modes: in “Comfort” mode, the doors lock automatically and the windows close, the air conditioning turns on, and the seat automatically massages; in “Waiting” mode, the external lights turn off and the entertainment system, such as air conditioning and multimedia, can be used normally; turning on the “Welcome” function, after the driver closes the door, the seat adjusts automatically to the memory position, and when preparing to get off, the seat will automatically move back.

The 2023 Ora Cat-Eye’s intelligent driving assistance system covers over 11 driving assist functions, 9 active safety features, and 4 parking assist functions, capable of L2 level intelligent assisted driving.

The new car is equipped with AI intelligent parking, covering 4 core parking assist functions, supporting AI automatic parking in multiple scenarios, remote control parking with a smartphone, voice-enabled automatic parking and trajectory reversing.

Ora Cat-Eye continues to evolve its new host UI, achieving full lifecycle OTA upgrades, and users can propose vehicle usage suggestions through the Ora community to work with the Ora engineering team to develop features.

In terms of safety, the 2023 Ora Cat-Eye has a large area of high-strength steel throughout the whole car, accounting for 71.71\% of the overall proportion, wherein high-strength steel accounts for 31.89\%, ultra-high-strength steel accounts for 24.89\%, and hot-formed steel accounts for 14.93\%. Hot-formed steel reinforcement plates are used in important parts such as A-pillars, B-pillars, and thresholds.

Nowadays, Ora Cat-Eye has been launched in many countries and regions, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Jordan, Australia, Europe, etc., and will gradually enter 87 countries across eight regions, including Central and South America, North Africa, South Africa, East Asia, and Russia.

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