Avita officially announced that Li Pengcheng has been appointed as the company's vice president.

Today, Avita Technology announced that Pengcheng Li has officially been appointed as the company’s Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and also serves as the Deputy General Manager of the User Development Center. He is fully responsible for the company’s brand marketing work, specifically in charge of the brand planning and strategy, product promotion, public relations, user experience and operation departments under the User Development Center, reporting to Tan Benhong, the Chairman and CEO of the company, and General Manager of the User Development Center.

Avita Li Pengcheng

Prior to joining Avita Technology, Pengcheng Li worked for FAW-Volkswagen, serving as the Brand Public Relations Director and Brand Information Spokesperson. He was also involved in the establishment of FAW-Volkswagen’s “Chuang Xiang Gao Pin Zhi” enterprise core brand development concept.

After leaving FAW-Volkswagen, Pengcheng Li joined Youche Yihou (UCAR Future), serving as Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, and Beijing General Manager, fully responsible for the management of Youche Yihou’s marketing center and the Beijing company.

On February 14, 2019, XPeng Motors announced through its official website that Pengcheng Li had officially joined XPeng Motors as the General Manager of Brand Public Relations, reporting directly to XPeng Motors Chairman and CEO, XPeng He. Pengcheng Li is responsible for XPeng Motors’ work in brand strategy, public relations communication, social marketing, and brand creativity.

XPeng Pengcheng

Regarding Pengcheng Li’s appointment, Avita CEO Tan Benhong said, “Quickly responding to changes in the market and user needs and constructing a diversified and professional management team to build a more agile, open, and efficient entrepreneurial organization is the consistent goal of Avita Technology. With Avita Technology entering a high-quality development stage and implementing the dual-car strategy this year, we warmly welcome Mr. Pengcheng Li’s joining. I also believe that his outstanding leadership in multiple fields will further enhance the team’s combat effectiveness and strive to be the best in the fierce market competition, creating value experiences beyond the expectations of more users.”

Up to now, Avita Technology has successfully started the mass production and delivery of its first model, the Avita 11. The second sedan of Avita Technology, the Avita 12, will also be launched this year. In 2023, Avita Technology has set a target of over 100,000 orders booked for the whole year. Avita Technology will always focus on the user, concentrate on the implementation of the dual-car strategy, and efficiently develop channel layout, to achieve their annual target of brand establishment and sales growth.# 这是一个示例

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