The new Xiaopeng P7 has been included in the catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and will be launched in March next year.

Today the MIIT announced a new batch of product approvals, and the Xiaopeng P7 was officially added to the MIIT catalog.

The detailed specifications are as follows:

  • Length/width/height 4,888 x 1,896 x 1,450 mm
  • Wheelbase 2,998 mm
  • Front/rear track 1,615/1,621 mm
  • Front/rear suspension 853/1,037 mm
  • Curb weight 1,980/1,990/2,040/2,140 kg
  • Tire specification 245/50ZR18 245/45R19
  • Motor power 203 kW (145 kW front, 203 kW rear for 4WD version)
  • Motor supplier Zhuhai Enboer Electric Co., Ltd./Zhejiang Fangzheng Electric Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Battery supplier Innovation Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

From the specifications, there is no difference from the current P7, but from the pictures in the approval, it can be seen that the new model is equipped with a laser radar and has new wheel hub styles.

As expected, the P7 will have the same driving assistance ability as the G9, but based on the battery supplier, it will not support the 800 V platform. However, it is said that the motor efficiency will be slightly improved.

In addition, based on previous spy shots, the car system of the P7 will not have much change, but the center console has a significant adjustment in appearance. The position for wireless charging mobile phone is more convenient and the steering wheel has been changed to the same as the G9.“`markdown

According to official statements, the new P7 will be officially launched in March next year, with differences in price and configuration compared to the current model, while the current P7 will continue to be sold.

Judging from the strategy of synchronous sales with the current model, it should be that the model version with laser radar is added on the basis of the current model, so that the P7 also has a model with XNGP capability.

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