What kind of car is this that men take detours to see, but women love enough to not spare their hands?

Author: Xiong Ruifeng

For She!

The blue-and-green colors were just perfect to describe the test object of today.

June in Guangzhou is always full of rain, and accompanied by the sound of dripping, it always makes me have a special obsession with “nostalgia”.

In the dazzling era, the perception and experience of beauty are often fragmented by some trivialities, and nowadays cars are the same, despite having more and more imaginative designs, but as the saying goes, “there are too many opinions”, it was not until I saw the Euler Ballet Cat that the replicated style made me relieved.

Coming for her is an attitude.

The name of Ballet Cat is inspired by the well-known Western dance-ballet, which is an art that integrates culture, dynamics, and beauty, and the retro-style car body of Ballet Cat also complements the art of ballet. So much so that throughout the day of the test drive, the female passengers along the way had no resistance to this design.

Although opinions on the appearance of Ballet Cat on the internet vary, the retro style in the era of uniform flatness has indeed reinterpreted the aesthetic concept.

If there is one word to describe Ballet Cat, “roundness” is just right, with almost no edges and corners visible on the entire silhouette, instead consisting of elegant and curved surfaces.

In terms of details, the unique horseshoe-shaped LED headlamps are embedded with exclusive blue iris designs, which makes the “cute” attribute explode when lit up in addition to supporting practical configurations such as automatic headlights and unlock welcome lights; On the other side, the bumper and rearview mirror are largely plated with chrome material to meet the overall texture of the vehicle, and together with modern components such as cameras, they interpret the collision of retro and technology well.

The round side is also solid and cute, and the arc-shaped roofline quickly drops after the C-pillar, which allows the car to have enough headroom while looking more individual from the outside. And on the other end, the retro “big pancake” wheels are largely chrome-plated, and with the LOGO decoration in the middle, even though the size is 18 inches, you can barely feel any abruptness.

For the handle design, Ballet Cat also made a strong effort in carving, with a retro ring style that not only blends perfectly with the keyless entry system, but also preserves the traditional keyhole feel.

As for the most commonly used charging port for electric cars, I originally thought Ballet Cat couldn’t come up with anything unique, but until I saw the charging board with the cute cat paw decorations (slow charging on the left and fast charging on the right), and the dynamic rotating cover opening, it was simply adorable.

For women, in addition to cuteness, a spacious interior is also essential for a car. The length, width, and height of this Ballet Cat model are 4401/1867/1633mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2750mm. Although the body length is not outstanding, the 2750mm wheelbase ensures a spacious and comfortable interior.

As for where the Ballet Cat is most exquisite, the unique sloping rear design is undoubtedly the winner; especially when viewed from a 45° angle on the side, it makes you want to freeze time.

At the same time, Ballet Cat did not slack off on the details of the rear design. The chrome-plated bumper that echoes the front face and the horseshoe-shaped tail light group are cute, yet also reveal a sense of exquisite craftsmanship. Perhaps to avoid any confusion between the front and rear of the car, there is also a spoiler on the tailgate, which not only extends the lines visually, but also shows a “non-following” side.

In addition to the unique appearance, Ballet Cat’s unique color culture is also quite interesting. “After the rain clears and the broken clouds appear, these colors will be made for the future”, which combines the color aesthetics of Song porcelain from thousands of years ago, bringing six body colors to life: “Dingbai”, “Tianqing”, “Miyou”, “Junxia”, “Chao Muqingbai”, and “Jinfeng Yulu”.

Beauty is not just skin deep.Going into Ballet Cat is to enter an exquisite fashion space. The interior design breaks away from the previous depressing black-gray pairing and plastic material, and extensively adopts cute light colors and 3D mesh leather wrapping technology, giving a strong sense of security.



As for the details, the retro three-spoke steering wheel matches the color scheme of the interior with pink and white, and the unique pull-ring design is the finishing touch. The central armrest, called “Swan Lake,” not only uses crystal-like materials, but also ingeniously embeds wireless charging function under the illumination of ambient light, creating a ceremonial sense.


At the same time, Ballet Cat also has many small details designed for female users’ daily and driving habits, such as the size of the front makeup mirror reaching 8.8 inches and being surrounded by 24 supplementary lights. Moreover, there is a separate makeup box in the central armrest, allowing cute girls to store and retrieve their makeup items efficiently.


As for intelligent configuration, Ballet Cat, being cute and lovable, did not relax. The 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel and 12.3-inch central control screen merge into one through an arc-shaped glass, continuing the design from the perspective of female needs. The exquisite system UI interface is simple yet beautiful.

The system also considerately sets the opening height of the electric tailgate. In addition to adjusting it through the trunk button, the car system directly displays the opening height corresponding to different heights. So many details (thumbs up).


At the same time, Ballet Cat also combines some functions and launches various scenarios such as “braving the wind and waves mode,” “Mr. Warmhearted mode,” and “child mode,” which can be activated with one click when needed. For example, in the case of sudden heavy rain, after the brave the wind and waves mode is enabled, all car windows will automatically close, and the air conditioning, automatic headlights/wipers, and other functions will be turned on simultaneously.

imageFor the scenario of female drivers, the smart driving assistance system of Ballet Cat can definitely be described as thoughtful. It simplifies the start-up mode of intelligent range continuation, assistance in congested traffic, and intelligent turning. Additionally, it includes active lane keeping system, smart evasion, and collision prevention systems in the front, side, and rear, fully safeguarding driving safety.

Furthermore, for the automatic parking function, Ballet Cat has added a voice start-up function for the first time, greatly simplifying the complexity of traditional button operations, and supporting remote parking.

Unbounded by the status quo, every detail is full of tenderness

In terms of driving, Ballet Cat is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 126kW and a peak torque of 250N · m. Although such power parameters are not strong, they may be appropriate for their target users. The relatively linear power output will not make female users feel a sense of random movement, and the experience is just right. At the same time, when accelerating rapidly, the high transmission efficiency also makes the overtaking process feel like a breeze.

However, the braking feel of Ballet Cat is relatively soft, and the initial force is clearly weak. When responding to emergency braking, greater force is often required. Therefore, it may take some time for novice female drivers to adapt.

As for the steering feel, the overall force is moderate in standard mode, and the control of the central steering position is small. After switching to sport mode, the steering torque will slightly increase. In goddess mode, the steering torque will be adjusted to the lightest level, making it easier for female drivers to control the vehicle.

However, for a car model designed specifically for female drivers, it seems that slightly more steering virtual position may bring a better driving experience, so that every subtle steering input does not have to be transmitted to the wheels.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to setting the steering force, the custom mode allows free adjustment of the energy recovery force and throttle sensitivity between 0-100%.

In terms of suspension, Baili Cat adopts a combination of front MacPherson suspension and rear multi-link suspension. The overall chassis tuning leans towards the urban comfortable style, which can effectively reduce the vibration transmitted to the interior from the bumpy road surface. However, the downside is that the rear passengers will feel more fine vibrations on non-paved roads, and the angle of the rear seats is relatively upright, leaving huge room for improvement in the adjustment.

In terms of quietness, Baili Cat seems to be somewhat polarized. At low speed, benefiting from the electric vehicle’s own fewer noise sources and the double-sided laminated glass used in the front row, it can bring a quiet atmosphere. However, when driving at high speed, the wind noise in the front and rear of the car is relatively obvious, and the feeling is especially clear for the rear passengers.


“Be the most caring automobile brand for women” is the product slogan that Euler has been using for the past two years. Looking back on the cat series that Euler has successively launched since its establishment, we can see from the positioning of each product that Euler aimed at the female market from the beginning, focusing on creating new product categories for the segmented market. The ultimate goal is to break the social bias against female drivers who do not understand cars and are only suitable for driving micro-cars through products such as the cat series, and to create a more suitable driving experience for women.

Looking back on the experience of the Baili Cat, I can more clearly feel that Euler is polishing and carving every detail from inside to outside, and continuously adding small elements favored by female users to the product. In the future new energy market, it is believed that more and more manufacturers will not only make cars for “rationality”, but also make cars for “sensibility” and create a category that belongs to “her”. And Baili Cat will also become a pioneer in the field of female exclusive cars in this segmented market.

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