On May 6, NIO announced its Norway strategy, marking its official market entry into Norway and its first step going overseas. To create a community starting with cars, NIO aims to build a complete operation system consisting of cars, services, digitalization and lifestyle in Norway.

NIO announced that it will start the delivery of its first model-the smart electric flagship SUV-the new ES8 in Norway in September this year. The smart electric flagship sedan ET7 will officially enter the Norwegian market next year.

NIO plans to establish a direct sales and service network in Norway. The first NIO House outside the Chinese market will be opened in Q3 this year at Karl Johans gate, which is the main street of the city of Oslo, Norway. In 2022, NIO will also build 4 NIO Spaces in Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Kristiansand.

In September this year, NIO’s first service and delivery center in Norway will be opened in Oslo. Next year, NIO’s aftersales service will cover all of Norway. In the Norwegian market, NIO will also provide services such as service cars and door-to-door pickup & delivery.

Aiming to construct a complete power network in Norway, this year, NIO will launch its charging map in Europe. The first batch of 4 second-generation power swap stations will also be put into operation. In 2022, NIO will build power swap stations in 5 cities in Norway.

As an important part of the NIO community and user services, the European version of the NIO App will be launched in Q3 this year, creating a pleasant online experience for Norwegian users.

NIO Life, the original design & lifestyle brand of NIO, will also be brought to the Norwegian market. Together with local artists Anette Moi and Sandra Blikaas, NIO Life plans to develop Norway-themed products, which will be available in both Norway and China at the same time.

With the launch of the Norway strategy, NIO’s “User Advisory Group” in Norway will start recruiting today, in the hope that Norwegian users provide suggestions on product localization, service quality, power network, store experience, etc., to help NIO continue to improve its products and services.

Marius Hayler, General Manager of NIO Norway said: “NIO is about to enter the Norwegian market to create a pleasant lifestyle for Norwegian users, and to create a community that starts with cars, shares happiness and grows together.”

William LI, Founder, Chairman and CEO at NIO said that “Since its establishment, NIO aims to be a global brand, providing outstanding products and services to users around the world. NIO chose Norway as its first oversea market, not only because Norway is electric vehicle-friendly, but also taking into consideration that Norway’s culture of pro-environment and innovation seeking shares a lot in common with NIO’s vision.”

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