The EU-LA HoCat is now available for sale, priced at 103,900-143,900 RMB.

On November 24th, Euler Cat was officially launched with 5 models and 2 different driving ranges. The price of the vehicles ranges from 103,900 yuan to 143,900 yuan, and the specific prices for each model are as follows:

  • 400 km Standard Range Muse Edition: 10.39 million yuan
  • 400 km Standard Range Venus Edition: 11.39 million yuan
  • 400 km Standard Range Athena Edition: 12.39 million yuan
  • 500 km Long Range Apollo Edition: 13.39 million yuan
  • 500 km Long Range Poseidon Edition: 14.39 million yuan

The price difference between different versions of the same driving range mainly lies in whether they are equipped with certain ADAS functions and comfort configurations.


Some parameters about Euler Cat

  • Length/Width/Height: 4235/1825/1596 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2650 mm
  • Maximum power: 105 kW
  • Peak torque: 210 N·m
  • NEDC driving range: 400/500 km
  • Battery capacity: 47.8/59.1 kWh


Since its debut, Euler Cat’s retro styling has made it extremely popular. Even my colleagues in the office are very interested in it.

In terms of price, Euler Cat’s competitors mainly include BYD Yuan EV and e2. Compared with vehicles in the same segment, in my opinion, Euler Cat’s advantages lie in its unique exterior design, stylish interior, and the model that provides 500 km driving range.

I wonder if you are interested in this cat?

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email