The Luxurious LEVC L380: Preorders and Remarkable Features

On May 21, 2024, the Airbus L380 from Landiendo officially opened for reservations with a first round of reservation deposits set at 2,000 yuan. Car buyers may enjoy the benefits of priority vehicle collection and deposit refund at any time. Besides, Landiendo, in conjunction with Geely’s Hainan Huanghualii Manor, prepared Hainan yellow pear hand strings as luxurious gifts for the first round of customers. The opening of reservations for the Landiendo L380 indicates that the first product of Landiendo’s global strategy is about to land.

LEVC (Landiendo), a company dedicated to the manufacture of new energy vehicles, recently announced the launch of its latest model — Landiendo L380, a luxury-oriented pure electric multipurpose vehicle. The information released by the company shows that the L380 design focuses on maximizing space usage, achieving 75% space utilization and offering a flexible seating arrangement that can be configured with 3 to 8 seats according to user requirements. It also designed multi-functional hidden storage space.

In terms of technical specifications, the model is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), with a wide wheelbase range stretching from 3000mm to 3800mm to adapt to different market needs. The L380 supports various drive forms, including front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive system, to meet performance requirements in different driving environments.

To provide a comfortable driving experience, the L380 interior uses high-quality semi-aniline leather seats. It also features imported Italian Alcantara fabric covering the ceiling and pillars. These details reflect its luxury positioning. Regarding power, the L380 is equipped with Ningde Era’s latest Kirin CTP 3.0 battery. Its cell energy density reaches 200Wh/kg, enabling the model to exceed 800km in endurance range, a performance figure that is impressive in the current market.

Safety is emphasized in the L380 model by LEVC. The car has passed frontal and rear crash tests and uses high-strength steel materials to enhance vehicle structural resistance. Additionally, the L380 is equipped with advanced safety technologies such as Rear Collision Warning (RCW) and Emergency Call (E-call) features to ensure passenger safety.

LEVC has launched a promotional campaign for the first batch of pre-order customers, where they can reserve by paying just ¥2,000 as a deposit, which is refundable. As an additional incentive, early adopters will also receive a Hainan Huanghuali beaded bracelet as a gift, a marketing strategy likely aimed at enhancing the brand image and increasing customer retention.

In general, this new model L380 from LEVC seemingly offers an exceptional blend of luxury and high performance in the new energy vehicle market. Its endurance and flexible driving mode might attract those seeking high-end electric MPVs. However, despite the purchase incentives offered by the promotional campaigns, consumers should pay more attention to the vehicle’s performance parameters and safety features when making their purchasing decision.

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