Chery Unveils Fengyun T9 Hybrid SUV Globally: What Advantage Does It Have?

On May 21st, Chery Automobile announced the official global launch of its brand-new mid-to-large-sized PHEV SUV, the Chery T9, with a starting price tag of 129,900 RMB. The models launched include the Standard Long-Range 120, Comfort, Luxury, and 7-seater Flagship versions, priced at 129,900 RMB, 142,900 RMB, 155,900 RMB, and 169,900 RMB, respectively, catering to a variety of consumer needs.

As a PHEV SUV, the T9 uses the fifth-generation 1.5T hybrid-specific engine combined with a CVT DHT EV drive system, delivering a maximum power of 115 kW, maximum torque of 220 N・m, and engine power of 150 kW. In WLTC combined conditions, its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 5.2 L, demonstrating a high energy efficiency ratio.

In terms of dimensions, the T9’s body length, width and height are 4,795 mm, 1,930 mm, and 1,738 mm respectively. The flexible interior design provides a 5+2 seating layout to adapt to various family vehicle needs. For safety, the T9 is built with a high-strength steel body structure, with hot-formed steel accounting for 21%. It is also equipped with numerous active and passive safety technologies, including dual aluminum alloy front crash beams, several airbags, and the C-PURE Static Cube health cockpit, offering active AQS, cabin auto-cleaning, and PM0.3 air filter functions.

For smart features, the T9 is equipped with an 8155 high-performance chip and a 15.6-inch 2.5K high-definition large screen, along with an AI intelligent interaction system and 10 scenario modes, such as constant temperature, cinema, etc., providing users with a comfortable and convenient on-board intelligent experience.

To attract consumers, Chery offers a series of car purchase packages for the T9, including trade-in subsidies, lifetime warranty, free data service, charging pile and installation services, free roadside assistance and FOTA vehicle upgrades. Moreover, Chery emphasized that the production processes and quality control of the T9 benefit from its advanced automation and intelligent technologies from the ‘5G Dark Factory,’ aiming to ensure high-quality standards of the product.

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