VOLVO's Latest Masterpiece: The EX30 SUV

When it comes to Volvo, the first things that come to mind are safety, environmental protection, and unique Scandinavian style. The brand new Volvo EX30 faithfully inherits Volvo’s distinctive style. Based on this, the EX30 also applies “Subtractive Aesthetics” to reshape the beauty of Scandinavia in the age of electrification. The Volvo EX30 is positioned as a small luxury pure electric SUV, which is the smallest SUV model that Volvo has ever built.

Exterior Design: Simple lines shape three-dimensional sculptures

Overall, the EX30 maintains the iconic family design of Volvo, applying “Subtractive Aesthetics”, and using simple lines to create on the body, making the entire body looks like a sculptural work with the interplay of light and shadow that Geometry offers.

The front of the vehicle uses a sealed design, with the iconic logo of Volvo in the middle, giving an overall shield-like feel to the front. At the bottom, there is an integrated air intake with active drag reduction grille.

The most eye-catching part of the front design is the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlight. The inside of the headlight uses a grid style light source similar to pixel blocks, which looks very tech-savvy when lit up.

The side design of the car body has a three-dimensional sculpture feel. Although there aren’t many lines, it looks quite powerful. The wheelbase of the EX30 is 2650mm, and the axle length ratio is 0.626, close to the golden ratio. Paired with a black roof, it is full of sportiness.

The tail design is also full of three-dimensionality. The taillight design is divided into two parts, the upper half is a vertical design, and the lower part is a ring design. Although the ring’s upper and lower positions can’t be lit, it can somewhat extend the visual width of the rear end.

Interior Design: A Concentrated Reflection of Scandinavian Design Aesthetics

Compared to the exterior design, the overall interior design uses the ‘Subtractive Aesthetics’ to its fullest. The entire interior design also continues Volvo’s consistent minimalist Scandinavian design. Entering the car is like coming to an IKEA mall. Although it looks very simple, there are many interesting small details.

The entire interior only has a vertically positioned 12.3-inch display screen, which integrates all the vehicle’s driving information and various operations. The main chip used in the machine is the mainstream Qualcomm 8155 chip, and the overall sliding experience is quite smooth. Also, commonly used APPs such as Netease Cloud Music and Gaode map are pre-installed in the car’s system.The vehicle-related information is concentrated at the top of the screen, with speed, gear, and other data on the left, and vehicle status and energy consumption data on the right. It may take some getting used to initially.

The highlight of the entire interior is probably this Harman Kardon echo wall speaker that spans 1.2m long. Inside the speaker, there are a total of 5 loudspeakers, with a maximum power output of 1040W. It is said that during the defining stage of EX30, there were repeated choices between the HUD and the echo wall speaker. Eventually, they decided to install the speaker. Needless to say, this echo wall speaker didn’t disappoint us, and the overall effect was indeed impressive.

Another point of note is this interior decoration panel named ‘Stardust,’ made from recyclable materials such as window frames and plastic bottles. Furthermore, in other thematic interiors, panels made of natural flax and denim are also employed. This is VOLVO’s first time using these materials on mass-produced cars. Although they are made from eco-friendly materials, they do not appear tacky, which is a testament to VOLVO’s environmental philosophy.

EX30 also has a pleasant surprise: its ambient lighting. Although the EX30 only allows for five ambient lighting themes, what sets it apart from other cars is that its mood lighting doesn’t maintain a single color; it can exhibit different colors at different spots and can even integrate with the audio functions, genuinely creating a particular atmosphere, almost as if you’re in the Scandinavian Peninsula.

In terms of door panel design, because of the echo wall speaker, the speaker on the door panel has been removed, and there are also no regular window lift buttons. The overall door panel design is much simpler.

Meanwhile, the window lift function is placed on the central armrest, with only two control keys in the front row. To operate the rear window, you’ll need to press the REAR button. Similarly, the rear window’s control keys are also located in the middle, requiring some time to get used to.

Space Comfort: Innovative Cube Integrated Storage Space

In terms of space comfort, although the VOLVO EX30 is just a compact SUV, its storage space is plentiful. You can easily find a place for each item.

The EX30 positions the glove box below the screen. Compared to traditional glove boxes located at the co-pilot’s position, the EX30’s glove box facilitates easier access for the driver. The control for opening and closing the glove box is situated in the lower left corner of the screen.

The central control’s Rubik’s cube storage space is arguably the vehicle’s most significant highlight in terms of storage. Named the ‘Push-Push’, this integrated storage solution provides numerous combinations to meet various storage needs under different circumstances.

The trunk space is standard, with a 318L volume in its standard state, which can expand to 904L when the seats are folded down.

Beneath the trunk board, there is additional expandable space where users can conveniently store miscellaneous items. The EX30 also features a front trunk of minimal space, which is suitable for rarely used small items.

The seats are constructed from a blend of woven fabric and artificial leather. Worth mentioning is that the “VOLVO” EX30 leather is Nordico eco-leather, synthesized from recycled plastics and cork stoppers, known for its stain-resistant and durable features.

The comfort of the front seats is impressive when the overall aspect is considered. The only deficiency lies in the relatively short cushion length, resulting in inadequate thigh support. Besides, all seat adjustments are consolidated into a control button which may take some getting used to at first use.

The rear space is a bit cramped, leaving approximately only a fist-sized legroom for the rear passengers when the front seats are occupied normally. The short rear seat cushion also lacks sufficient leg support, without a center armrest for long trips, comfort may be compromised. Based on these aspects, it’s evident that more attention is focused on the front of the vehicle.

Power Control – delicate to drive yet brimming with power

For its power, VOLVO EX30 offers both four-wheel and rear-wheel drive versions. The four-wheel-drive model is equipped with a 115kW motor at the front and a 200kW motor at the back, delivering a maximum torque of 543N-m, accelerating from 0-100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. The rear-wheel-drive model, though only equipped with a single 200kW motor, manages to achieve a 0-100 km/h acceleration in just over 5 seconds, supplying more than enough power for city travel.

The test drive car we received was a rear-wheel drive version with a smooth power output and quick response. It easily handled scenarios where overtaking is occasionally needed, initially fooling us into thinking that it was a four-wheel drive version.

In terms of suspension, the VOLVO EX30 employs a front MacPherson and rear multi-link layout, maintaining relative integrity when passing through some urban speed bumps, without excessive fragmentation.

Control wise, thanks to EX30’s shorter length, it feels incredibly nimble – perfect for daily urban commutes. The steering wheel is also quite light, requiring minimal effort to maneuver. However, the overall grip of the wheel feels a tad thin, aligned with EX30’s urban chic car positioning.

Worth mentioning, this car is also born from the impressive platform and shares the driving experience with its ‘siblings’, fully inheriting the platform’s features, making it an easy-to-drive chic city car.

Final Thoughts

At the recently concluded Beijing Auto Show, VOLVO EX30 made its debut and opened for presale, with prices ranging from 210,000 to 260,000 RMB. To find a decent sales volume in today’s new energy market, VOLVO needs to demonstrate sincerity in final pricing.

From a perspective, VOLVO EX30 feels more like a fashionable item. Its target audience likely consists of individuals who have their unique understanding of life. VOLVO hopes to convey a different life philosophy through this exquisite small car, encouraging us to return to the basics of life – to subtract from life and add to personal growth.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email