Will Yihang Intelligence's Partnership with Horizon Further Commercialize Autonomous Driving?

EasyFly Intelligent, a company dedicated to the research and development of autonomous driving technology, announced a strategic partnership with Horizon on April 25, 2023 at the Beijing Auto Show. This signifies the deployment of EasyFly’s independently developed urban intelligent driving solution platform “Everus” on Horizon’s Journey 6E computing platform, further promoting the commercialization process of autonomous driving technology.

Since its establishment in 2015, EasyFly Intelligent has been focusing on technological breakthroughs in the field of autonomous driving. In 2021, the company’s independently developed integrated parking solution was mass-produced and successfully exported to the European market, earning a five-star rating from Euro-NCAP, significantly enhancing the company’s competitiveness in the international arena. Following this, EasyFly Intelligent launched the high-speed navigation assistance function (NOA) on a lightweight computing platform in 2022, and embarked on the research and development of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) perception algorithms.

The Journey 6E computing platform is a vehicle-mounted intelligent computing solution launched by Horizon, characterized by its unified hardware architecture, toolchain, and software stack, providing a solid foundation for efficient development and flexible deployment of autonomous driving technology. EasyFly’s “Everus Platform” utilizes mass-production-level BEV perception technology “Sight”, integrating multiple intelligent driving functions. Its design concept allows the flexible replacement of computing platforms without altering sensor configurations, demonstrating high modularity and adaptability.

In the future plan, EasyFly intends to deliver the upgraded high-speed NOA function within the year, continually optimizing and enhancing other advanced intelligent driving functions. EasyFly, becoming the first batch of algorithm partners on the Journey 6E computing platform, not only showcases its strengths in algorithm development but also indicates a close collaboration between both parties in promoting and applying intelligent driving technology.

This cooperation not only further verifies EasyFly’s technical strength and market influence but is also an important step in Horizon’s layout in the field of intelligent computing platforms. The mutual goal is to promote the implementation and popularization of intelligent driving technology, provide a safer and more convenient driving experience for consumers, and inject new vitality into the development of the autonomous driving industry. With the deepening of the collaboration, more innovative achievements are expected to emerge in the field of intelligent driving.

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