LEAPMOTOR C11: The New Champion in Mid-size EV SUV Market

The outstanding value for money and large production scale of the LEAPMOTOR brand have always played out brilliantly, especially on the LEAPMOTOR C11. As the star model of the LEAPMOTOR brand, a total of 80,616 LEAPMOTOR C11 were delivered in 2023, becoming the sales champion of the new energy medium-sized SUV market priced between 150,000-200,000 in 2023. The 24 LEAPMOTOR C11 has undergone comprehensive upgrades in all aspects, truly continuing the tradition of high value for money.

Exterior Changes

In terms of appearance, there isn’t much change from the new LEAPMOTOR C11 compared to the older model; its overall shape exudes a trustworthy and modest image, devoid of overly aggressive designs. The new LEAPMOTOR C11 has added a Mazlan Grey colour scheme that makes it look even more youthful.

At the rear, the transition from the side to the tail end is extremely natural, with a slight downward slope on the roof paired with a black top and metal trim, offering a sporty feel.

One of the striking features is the wheel hub. The LEAPMOTOR C11 Deluxe and Intelligent Drive versions provide 255/45 R20 tires, along with a multi-spoke shape and subtle grey colour, evoking a sporty aesthetic that compliments the overall vehicle design.

Simultaneously, LEAPMOTOR has also introduced frameless doors as a standard on all C11 models. For a medium-sized SUV, this addition adds an element of sleekness. Considering potential issues with frameless doors, a double-layered, laminated glass has been used for the front row.

Interior Upgrades

The interior is a major focus of the new LEAPMOTOR C11 upgrade. Initially, the LEAPMOTOR C11 now comes with a new Camel Brown interior colour scheme brightening the luxury feel.

In terms of the screen, all new LEAPMOTOR C11 models come standard with a triple screen display. The central control screen has been upgraded to a 14.6-inch display, while the instrument panel and the co-driver screens are 10.25 inches, exuding high-tech appeal. Simultaneously, the in-vehicle chip in the new LEAPMOTOR C11 has been upgraded to the most advanced 5nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295P, significantly improving smoothness and computing power.Voice assistant has also been greatly optimized with functions like continuous commands and ‘visible-to-speak’ performing quite well. Furthermore, the all-new LEAPMOTOR C11 also features an AR real-life navigation function in the navigation interface, which can mark car distance and lane hints. However, there are slight issues in practice and the frequent glancing at the central control display is not a good experience. This function will likely improve if presented in a HUD format.

Space Comfort

The front seats of the all-new LEAPMOTOR C11 are integrated with a ventilation and heating system that automatically turns on according to the external environment temperature. The front row also features an 8-point SPA massage. With ample padding, the front seats are quite full and moderately comfortable.

The rear seats of the all-new LEAPMOTOR C11 are also thickly padded, providing a fairly soft ride. However, the rear seat cushion length is somewhat short, with weaker thigh support.

Space is certainly a crucial factor when choosing a car in this price range. The car trunk has a volume of 375-840L and an additional expansion space underneath the lid. Nevertheless, the second row seats of the all-new LEAPMOTOR C11 cannot lay flat, maintaining a slight slope when folded down.

Further, the all-new LEAPMOTOR C11 does have abundant storage space inside the car. A particularly interesting design is the small cover at the bottom of the front car door storage trench, revealing a hidden expansion space for easily lost items when opened.

Driving Experience

Power-wise, the Pure Electric Luxury version that I test drove is equipped with a 200kW rear motor, which is absolutely sufficient for daily use. The overall acceleration is quite smooth and the power output is rather slow in comfort mode – even when pressing the pedal deeply, it does not feel abrupt and overtaking is relatively easy. You can clearly feel the power reserve, further boosting your confidence when overtaking. When switched to sports mode and stepping on the pedal, the electric motor’s output is virtually immediate with a more sensitive brake response.The new all-electric LEAPMOTOR C11 standard is equipped with a FSD variable damping shock absorber, paired with a double-wishbone front and five-link rear suspension, making the chassis of the new LEAPMOTOR C11 more resilient. While there’s still a noticeable amount of bumpiness when passing over distressed road surfaces, the suspension system is highly elastic and is able to filter out some of the finer vibrations.

Driving Intelligence Upgraded

In terms of driving intelligence, the test driven low-end model is equipped with 6 cameras and 3 millimeter-wave radars, supporting the LCC function at its maximum. The LCC experience overall is good in terms of centre positioning and acceleration and deceleration following ability, however, there’s room for improvement. For instance, the steering wheel is torque-style, which frequently prompts minor adjustments during LCC operation, creating a disjointed overall experience. Additionally, it lacks the lane change function when signals are engaged, and it’s uncertain whether future OTA updates will provide this feature.

Simultaneously, the new LEAPMOTOR C11 will also launch a high-end smart driving version, equipped with a 128-beam LIDAR, 11 cameras and 5 millimeter-wave radars, and equipped with an Orin-X smart driving chip, capable of high-speed intelligent navigation. Sadly, this version is scheduled for release in May, and was not available for this test drive. We will provide a detailed evaluation once a test vehicle becomes available.

Final Thought

Overall, the new LEAPMOTOR C11’s well-rounded enhancements in the intelligent cockpit, comprehensive upgrades in smart driving, and abundant configurations demonstrate a great deal of sincerity. Despite some minor flaws in certain functionality, it’s undeniable that the new LEAPMOTOR C11 remains a highly cost-effective vehicle.

2024 is set to be a year of stiff competition, and the 150,000-200,000 price range will inevitably usher in a new round of rivalry. Whether the new LEAPMOTOR C11 can withstand the pressure and continue to be the sales champion in this niche market, we wait and see.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.