Great Wall Automobile's Multi-Brand Showcase: A Challenge to Global Rivals?

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Great Wall Automobile made its presence with its array of in-house brands and a series of advanced technologies, demonstrating its deep deployment and technical innovation capability in the automobile industry. Great Wall Automobile showed more than 20 models of its brands including WEY, Tank, Haval, ORA, and Great Wall Pao, covering various niche markets.

On the front of tech innovation, Great Wall Automobile put an emphasis on its full-scenario Navigation Assistant Autonomous Driving System (NOA), Giant Model SEE, and Coffee Pilot Ultra Intelligent Driving Assistance System. The showcase of these technologies highlighted the achievements of Great Wall Automobile in intelligent driving, which are testimony of the company’s continual efforts to enhance driving safety and comfort.

The presentation of the intelligent cockpit system Coffee OS 3 revealed the new progress made by Great Wall Automobile in optimizing the in-car user experience, indicating that future vehicle-driver interaction will become more intelligent and personalized. Simultaneously, Great Wall Automobile also showed its intelligent hybrid structure Great Wall Hi4 and its performance version, as well as the super hybrid structure Great Wall Hi4-T targeted towards the off-road sector. These technical advancements signify that Great Wall Automobile has made solid strides on the road towards electrification.

Additionally, Great Wall Automobile announced its ambitious plan for overseas market expansion, with a goal to achieve overseas sales of over a million vehicles by 2030. This proved Great Wall Automobile’s confidence and foresight in the global car market competition.

At the show, Great Wall Automobile unexpectedly presented a horizontally opposed 8-cylinder motorcycle engine. This showcase not only communicated the brand’s technical strength in power systems, but may also hint at the expansion of its product line towards motorbikes.

The performance of Great Wall Automobile at the auto show underscored its technical prowess and global vision as a Chinese auto brand, meanwhile providing stakeholders and consumers with a deep understanding of its future growth direction. With constant advancements in new energy and intelligent technologies, the strategic planning and technical innovation from Great Wall Automobile will continue to retain competitiveness in a fierce market competition.

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