ZEEKR Takes Center Stage at Beijing Auto Show with Innovative Architecture

At the Beijing International Auto Show, ZEEKR Intelligent Technology has drawn industry attention, with its vast – M architecture and the ZEEKR MIX model based on this architecture becoming the focus. At this exhibition, Yang Dacheng, vice president of ZEEKR Intelligent Technology, reviewed the company’s development history, particularly mentioning that the SEA vast architecture has been the technical mainstay of the company’s product line since its launch four years ago. Through this architecture, ZEEKR has achieved a cumulative delivery of more than 240,000 vehicles in the past three years, with ZEEKR 001 and ZEEKR 007 achieving significant sales in the Chinese pure electric vehicle market.

Deep analysis of the vast – M architecture reveals ZEEKR’s innovation in electric vehicle space design. This architecture achieves over 80% cabin space utilization through short overhang design and separation of shock absorbers and springs. The first product based on this architecture, the ZEEKR MIX, provides over 3 meters of wheelbase and no more than 5 meters of minimum turning radius in less than 4.7 meters of length, significantly enhancing vehicle maneuverability and spatial feel.

ZEEKR’s emphasis on vehicle safety is also reflected in the new architecture, with the “hidden dual B-pillar design” providing significantly enhanced side collision protection through ultra-high strength steel pillars and triple protection structure door beams. At the same time, the “through-type electric double door” design provides ample space for getting on and off the car, further considering user convenience and comfort.

The interior design of the ZEEKR MIX model also reflects in-depth consideration of passenger needs, providing a variety of cabin scene modes, including rotatable seats and adjustable slide rails, offering users highly flexible space configuration options.

Furthermore, at the Beijing Auto Show, ZEEKR’s full range of models demonstrated the brand’s product diversity. ZEEKR 009 Glory, as a high-end pure electric MPV, and ZEEKR 007, which will be upgraded with new features through OTA, all show ZEEKR’s continuous efforts in technological innovation and service upgrade. With the launch of the new architecture and new models, ZEEKR’s competitiveness in the field of new energy vehicles is expected to further enhance.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.