Revolutionary Features of Great Wall's WEY Brand Unveiled at Auto China 2020

At the 18th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, Wei brand new energy unveiled its latest model, the Blue Mountain Smart Driving Edition, marking another attempt by Great Wall Automobile in the field of intelligent technology. The focus of the Wei brand new energy’s exhibition is on its technical features, which include the in-house achievements of the smart cockpit and intelligent driving system. The integration of these technologies reflects the company’s further exploration in the field of intelligence.

Wei brand new energy showcases its application of Great Wall Automobile’s comprehensive intelligent solution – Coffee AI. The Coffee Pilot Ultra intelligent driving system and the Coffee OS 3 smart space of this platform are designed to enhance the overall driving experience by improving safety and user interaction. The application of this system is embodied in the Blue Mountain Smart Driving Edition and is expected to kick off the NOA (Navigation Assisted Driving) trial experience in May, further advancing user understanding and acceptance of intelligent driving technology.

In addition, Wei brand new energy is actively promoting its Hi4 intelligent all-wheel-drive hybrid technology, which has already been applied to the Mountain All-wheel Drive Extended Executive Edition. It is planned to be installed in the future models such as the Blue Mountain Smart Driving Edition, New Mocha, New Latte, reflecting the company’s continuous investment in intelligent power system.

In order to enhance the performance of existing models, Wei brand new energy also plans to upgrade the Blue Mountain, Mountain models via OTA (Over-The-Air), which will optimize voice interaction features and user interface design. This move demonstrates Wei brand new energy’s ongoing attention and improvement to the existing user experience.

Overall, Wei brand new energy’s exhibition at this auto show clearly presents its product strategy and technological path towards improving user experience through technological innovation, and driving the brand towards high-end, AI product development, and global market success as its long-term goal. This direction not only aligns with the current trend of intelligent cars in the automobile industry, but also offers consumers a wider and higher quality selection.

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