Avatr Drops Prices for 2024 Models: What's the Deal?

On March 9th, Avatr held its Spring 2024 launch event. At this conference, Avatr launched the 12 model of 2024 as the annual refurbished model officially on the market.

The 2024 Avatr 12 officially hit the market, among them 24 models offer 3 high-spec versions, namely 700 Triple-Laser Radar Luxury Rear-Wheel Drive version, 650 Triple-Laser Radar All-Wheel Drive Performance version, and 650 Triple-Laser All-Wheel Drive GT version. The previous price was between 300,800 RMB and 400,800 RMB. After the new batch of 24 models, these three models have new membership prices, which are 278,800 RMB, 318,800 RMB, and 378,800 RMB respectively. This means that the 24 models are reduced by 30,000 RMB compared to the 23 models.

Apart from the price decrease, the original three versions offer the following: the 700 Triple-Laser Radar Luxury Rear-Wheel Drive version comes with a high-quality audio system, suede ceiling, power-closing doors, rear privacy glass, and front zero-gravity seats.

The 650 Triple-Laser Radar All-Wheel Drive Performance version comes with air suspension and front zero-gravity seats.

The 650 Triple-Laser All-Wheel Drive GT version comes with stream-media exterior rear-view mirrors.

In addition, the 2024 Avatr 12 also added a new entry-level version, the 700 Triple-Laser Rear-Wheel Drive Intelligent Version. Its recommended retail price is 265,800 RMB. It further reduces the purchasing price of Avatr 12.

Despite being the base model, it still comes standard with three lidar lasers, 800 V high pressure, Huawei ADS 2.0, Harmony 4.0, and a 94.5 kWh ternary lithium battery (with a CLTC range of up to 700 km).

For existing car owners, there will be a full refund of principal for those who have already picked up their car and purchased ADS. Those who’ve picked up their car but have not yet purchased ADS will receive a complimentary lifetime ADS IntelliDrive package. And those who have ordered but not picked up their car can either continue to enjoy the rights of the 23 models as an existing car owner, or directly upgrade to the 24 models for free and enjoy the benefits of the new models.

Customers who place orders before April 30th can also have a chance to win a gift package worth 8,000 yuan every day.

The current pure electric market is constantly engaged in price wars, from ZEEKR 001’s price drop, ZEEKR 007’s introduction of 200,000 units, to yesterday’s XiaoMi SU7’s price set at 215,800 Yuan, competition is intense. In addition to these brands, many other brands have jumped into the pricing battle. In order to gain price advantages and cost-effectiveness, Avatr 12 has also lowered its starting price to 260,000 Yuan this time, whilst also coming standard with Huawei ADS, an 800 V architecture, large battery, etc. So considering this price adjustment and the increase in features, what do you think of Avatr 12’s competitive power in the market this time?

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.