Can BYD Seagull Continue Its Sales Dominance with the Launch of Honor Edition?

The BYD Seagull has been making quite a splash in the market since its release in April 2022, with impressive sales figures to match. As per recent statistics, the vehicle culminated a total sale of 280,217 units across 2023.

By January 2024, the Seagull was once again crowned the monthly sales champion, fortifying its market dominance in the A00 category and pure electric sedans. Official data reveals that the Seagull’s overall sales have now surpassed 330,000 units, a testament to its widespread acceptance and potent market influence.

On March 6th, the Seagull Glory Edition was launched, complete with three variants:

  • 305 km Dynamic Version priced at ¥69,800;

  • 305 km Freedom Version priced at ¥75,800;

  • 405 km Flying Version priced at ¥85,800.

The Glory Edition of the Seagull doesn’t just offer a more competitive price but also features upgraded specifications.

In terms of design, the Glory Edition introduces Arctic Blue exterior and Deep Sea Blue interior color schemes to cater to the personalized needs of the consumers.

Emphasizing safety, and battery capabilities, the Glory Edition is equipped with BYD’s latest E-Platform 3.0 technology, along with a vehicle structure precisely crafted for electric vehicles. It also boasts of blade battery technology and 4 airbags to enhance vehicular safety.

In terms of internal space design, the Glory Edition shares a similar space with A-class vehicles, providing a spacious riding experience. It is equipped with a 10.1-inch adaptive rotating floating Pad and a DiLink intelligent networking system.

Since its maiden launch, the Seagull, with its competitive pricing, advanced technology, safety features, and spaciousness, has become an unavoidable presence in the A00 new energy vehicle market. With the launch of the Glory Edition, we expect the presence and sales of the Seagull in the A00 category to surge even further.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email