Is EXEED's New Pre-sale SUV, Yao Guang C-DM a Game changer?

On February 26th, the EXEED Yao Guang C-DM officially started pre-orders, introducing 4 models with a price range from 172,800 to 222,800 yuan. The EXEED Yao Guang C-DM is a mid-size SUV based on the EXEED M3X super hybrid platform, equipped with a 1.5TGDI hybrid-specific engine + a hybrid system composed of electric motors with an electric range of 160km and a combined range over 1,300km. Furthermore, the new model will officially go on sale within March 2024.

This model has been recognized in China for design, chassis, hybrid system and interior air quality safety. Consumers can now pre-order the car through EXEED’s official flagship stores on JD and TMall and enjoy specific car buying rights and interests.

The Yao Guang C-DM’s hybrid system consists of the fifth-generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI engine, Super Energy Hybrid DHT, dedicated batteries and their management systems, providing excellent power performance and economy. Among them, the thermal efficiency of the engine exceeds 44.5%, two-drive models are equipped with dual drive motors. The maximum total horsepower is 270 kW, up to 605 N·m of torque, adding vigorous power performance for daily commuting. Acceleration from 90-120 km/h takes only 4.2 seconds, overtaking on high-speed has no pressure. The four-wheel drive models are paired with three motors, max total power over 400 kW, and max total torque exceeds 900 N·m.

The Yao Guang C-DM has the maximum battery capacity of 34.46 kW·h, the car’s highest comprehensive endurance can reach 1,343 km, and the maximum electric endurance is 160 km.

As for the chassis technology, the Yao Guang C-DM is equipped with a CDC electromagnetic suspension system, Soft Stop system, hydraulic isolation system, and intelligent line control brake system to enhance driving comfort and vehicle control. Furthermore, this model uses the latest M3P high-security battery from CATL and is designed according to the global N-CAP five-star crash standard to ensure vehicle safety.

The market positioning of Yao Guang C-DM is aimed at becoming the leader of the high-end hybrid market. Its EVERUS luxury concept is expected to bring users …
Offering a stress-free and comfortable living experience. With the launch of pre-sale, the market anticipation for its listing grows.

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