SERES Super Factory Launches with AITO M9 Deliveries

On February 5th, SERES automotive super factory in Chongqing officially announced its completion and operation, and the first batch of vehicles of the AITO M9 model began delivery.

During the delivery event, Zhang Xinghai, the chairman of SERES Group, emphasized the manufacturing philosophy of the M9 model and his expectations for future production capacity planning. He Liyang, the president of SERES Auto, stated that the company would provide comprehensive life-cycle services for the M9 model.

AITO M9 is a product developed in cooperation with Huawei by SERES. Since its launch in December 2023, it has shown strong market performance, with accumulated orders exceeding 40,000. SERES super factory is built to international advanced standards and is equipped with more than 1,000 intelligent devices and over 3,000 robots, achieving automation in the key processes of production, and ensuring comprehensive quality control and traceability.

Prior to formal production, the M9 underwent an extensive testing phase, including more than 1,000 test cars and over 5 million kilometers of reliability test mileage, as well as more than 100,000 test cases. SERES Auto has established a comprehensive intelligent safety system, received information security and data security certification from the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, and won many honors such as top ten chassis and car bodies in China in 2023.

Looking forward, SERES Auto plans to further improve its service level. As of 2024, it has opened over 700 experience centers and more than 200 customer centers in 220 cities, and launched the “Open during Spring Festival” service pledge. In addition, SERES has cooperated with Huawei Digital Energy and CATL to jointly construct an integrated energy network to improve charging service experience.

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