New Electric Vehicle DF Nano 01 by DF Launched in Wuhan

On January 7, 2024, the first model under the brand of DF Nano, DF Nano 01, was officially launched in Wuhan and begun delivery to consumers. At the event, DF Nano announced the price range of the new car to be CNY 74,800 – 104,800, and unveiled a series of benefits such as cash gifts, trade-in gifts, financial gifts, warranty gifts, worry-free gifts, and upgrade gifts. The benefits aim to provide consumers with an affordable and feature-rich new electric vehicle option.

The DF Nano 01 is based on the DF Quantum Architecture No. 3 platform which provides a solid foundation for the performance and safety of the car. The model offers four body colors along with a contrast roof design, equipped with 17-inch wheels and zero-boundary frameless doors, demonstrating its modern and stylish look. The intelligent features of the car include a 540° surround view system, ACC adaptive cruise control, fully automatic parking and remote parking, demonstrating its emphasis on driving convenience and safety.

In terms of interior space, the DF Nano 01 has a wheelbase of 2660mm and a five-seat layout. The driver’s seat has a one-button lay-flat feature. In terms of power system, the DF Nano 01 is equipped with the excellent performance Mach E ten-in-one electric drivetrain, with a maximum power of 70 kW, a peak torque of 160 N・m, and a top speed of 140 km/h. The model offers two versions of endurance, 330 km and 430 km, to meet different user needs and supports both fast charging and slow charging, providing users with flexible charging solutions. In addition, the car also supports external power output.

The launch of the DF Nano 01 reflects over 50 years of DFAC’s vehicle manufacturing experience and the company’s commitment to providing consumers with a high-quality travel experience. Amid the increasingly fierce competition in the new energy market, the launch of the DF Nano 01 undoubtedly provides consumers with a competitive choice, demonstrating DFAC’s determination and strength in the new energy field.

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