Is the Chery EXEED Era ES a Game-Changer?

On January 7, Chery EXEED Star Way ES introduced the Star Way ES Country Trend Edition, priced at RMB 198,800. Additionally, a limited-time promotion is being offered – a cash discount of RMB 20,000 for the first 10,000 customers who purchase the car.

In terms of space, the Star Way ES Country Trend Edition is generously spacious with a body length reaching 4,945 mm, a wheelbase of 3 meters, and a width of 1,978 mm.

In terms of intelligence, the Star Way ES Country Trend Edition is equipped with the Lion AI big model intelligent system, providing an advanced interactive experience and enhanced autonomous driving functions.

In terms of safety, the Star Way ES has passed the “NESTA Six-Dimensional Electrical Safety” certification from the China Automobile Center, becoming the 001st model to receive this certification, offering consumers additional safety assurance.

In terms of driving, the Star Way ES Country Trend Edition spares no effort in its suspension system. The front advanced double-wishbone and rear five-link suspension ensure driving stability and comfort. Additionally, the model is equipped with an Intelligent Comfort Stop System (SS), flexible steering system, intelligent torque control system, and HDS hydraulic vibration isolation system. The combination of these advanced features aims to provide drivers with an unparalleled driving experience.

The Star Way brand also has thoughtful sales strategies, offering a series of car purchase benefits and rights, including prepayment discounts, trade-in benefits, warranty services, and some personalized options such as optional color, flow service, etc. Moreover, the brand also recognizes the importance of after-sales service, offering cash-back benefits up to RMB 20,000 for car owners already purchased, as well as gift boxes upon delivery and charging pile installation services as value-added services.

With the launch of the Star Way ES, the brand’s more than 200 sales service brand centers and experience centers nationalwide have begun offering test drive services. Accompanied by the launch of the Star Way ES Country Trend Edition, the Star Way ES has gained another boost in the market.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email