Will smart's Long-term Cooperation with China Academy of Art Drive Sustainable Mobility?

The Smart car brand and the Research Institute of Vehicle Design of China Academy of Art recently signed a long-term collaboration agreement, with a shared vision of furthering the development within sustainable mobility. The design competition award ceremony was held at the West Lake Smart flagship center in Hangzhou, aiming to promote innovative design philosophy in the application of new energy vehicles industry.

This partnership will encompass various facets, including technological innovation, talents cultivation, and research of sustainable mobility solutions. Expectedly, this collaboration will expedite the R&D progress of Smart cars within the new energy sector and provide practical project experience to the students of the China Academy of Art, promoting the integration of professional knowledge and practical skills.

The design competition “Urban Luxury Future Mobility Plan” was initiated by both parties, attracting excellent design students from the China Academy of Art. Liu Diannan’s design work “MUSCLE X” stood out in the competition, winning first prize and the most popular award. His work demonstrated unique insights and innovative thinking on future transportation methods.

At the award ceremony, guests and students from the Academy of Art had in-depth exchanges on the design and innovation of future urban mobility. Not only did the event showcase the commitment of Smart cars to new energy and sustainable development, but also underscored the importance of cooperation between businesses and higher education institutions in nurturing the next generation of designers.

With the rapid development of the new energy automobile market, the collaboration between Smart cars and the China Academy of Art may have a profound impact on the industry, especially in promoting design innovation and sustainable technology.

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