Can Wuling's first super A-class sedan redefine the EV market?

Wuling Motors has recently announced that its first super A-class sedan, the Wuling Starlight, is officially on the market. The new car offers two configurations, the 70 standard edition and 150 advanced edition, priced at respectively 88,800 and 105,800 yuan. The launch of the Starlight enriches Wuling’s product line and signifies Wuling’s deep layout in the field of new energy vehicles.

To facilitate consumers, the purchase channels of Wuling Starlight include Wuling Motors APP, Wechat mini program, Tmall, Douyin and other online platforms. At the same time, Wuling Motors has also launched a series of promotional activities, including subsidies for replacement, discount interest, quality assurance services, as well as exclusive gifts of charging stations and intelligent car machine traffic services for 150 advanced edition users.

Technically, the Starlight is created based on the brand-new structure of new energy vehicles, equipped with Wuling’s independently developed “Wuling LINGXI Hybrid System” and “Shenlian Battery”. On the design, the new car adopts the “Star Wing” aesthetic design concept, with a wheelbase of 2800mm. The thermal efficiency of the engine of Starlight reaches 43.2%, the maximum efficiency of the motor can be 96.8%, and the overall system efficiency exceeds 85%. Under the WLTC standard, the new car’s electric consumption is only 3.98L/100km, the cost per hundred kilometers is about 33.5 yuan, demonstrating high cost-effectiveness.

The chassis system of the Wuling Starlight adopts McPherson independent front suspension and E-type multi-link independent rear suspension. It accelerates 0-100km/h in 7.9 seconds and is equipped with an electromagnetic hybrid-specific gearbox. In terms of battery safety, the new car uses a MUST structure battery pack and is equipped with a dual BMS intelligent collaborative system including the in-car and cloud-end, enabling all-weather safety inspection. In addition, the new car achieves a high-strength steel utilization ratio of 76.4% and is equipped with multiple safety assistance configurations.

For charging, the Wuling Starlight supports both fast charging and AC charging. It can charge from 30% to 80% of the electricity in about 30 minutes. The vehicle also offers a series of convenient configurations, including one-button lifting of windows, heated mirrors and electric folding, and remote car control, etc. The interior of the new car is equipped with a 15.6-inch smart display of the Ling OS system, providing 14 storage spaces and a double-flow automatic air conditioner for comfortable configuration.

Reportedly, since the pre-sale of Wuling’s Starlight initiated 20 days ago, the order volume has exceeded 9000 vehicles, reflecting the market’s high recognition of this model. This new energy masterpiece from Wuling Motors signifies an enhancement of its competitive strength in the new energy vehicle market.

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