IM Cars CEO and Brand Ambassador Discuss Record-Breaking LS6 Pre-orders

On November 17th, IM Co-CEO Liu Tao and IM brand spokesperson Jin Chen jointly accepted a media interview, answering questions about the delivery of LS6 and the fourth model, IM L6.

Below are the details of the special interview:

Reporter : How did you perceive the IM brand before it announced its collaboration with you, and what made you decide to become the spokesperson for IM?

Jin Chen : The IM LS6 is incredibly elegant, highly artistic, and extraordinarily attractive. I loved it at first sight. Apart from its smooth and dynamic exterior, it’s very youthful. I was instantly captivated by its aesthetics, but its performance and intelligence signified a very comprehensive and high-quality vehicle.

Liu Tao : I would say that it started with the aesthetics, but I was moved by the intelligence, it also has an excellent driving experience.

Reporter : What kind of car do you personally favor, and what do you prioritize when choosing a car?

Jin Chen : Love at first sight.

Liu Tao : Definitely aesthetics.

Jin Chen : The beauty of IM LS6 is truly high. I really love its appearance. It’s very technological and dynamic. I opted for the tea color, which happens to be a popular “Millennial Pink”, very elegant. Besides, I was drawn to its performance.

Liu Tao : “Millennial Pink,” I learned a new term.

Reporter : What are your work plans for the upcoming period?

Jin Chen : I will participate in some award ceremonies and events by the end of the year. Additionally, there will be new TV shows at the beginning of next year, I hope everyone supports them.

Liu Tao : We must support, I believe there are many dramas and films worth our attention, thank you.

Reporter : Mr. Tao, have you paid attention to Jin Chen’s work before? The sales performance of IM LS6 is very good now, are you satisfied with the current sales? What are your expectations?

Liu Tao : When my team and I thought of Jin Chen, our eyes were glowing because she really can rely on beauty, but she insists on relying on strength, just like the IM LS6. The car is beautiful and performs exceptionally. Jin Chen starred in “All In,” she’s a real box office queen and I really love watching it.

In response to the second question, our car orders are booming and we broke through 28,000 in a month. Our main task is to accelerate production and ensure quality delivery to our customers.

Reporter : The order quantity of IM LS6 is very good, do you have any specific sales targets for this year? With a little over a month left for the year, will the LS6 drive sales growth for the other two products?

Liu Tao : The LS6 now has over 28,000+ locked orders, all confirmed orders. Our next focus is on ensuring high-quality, fast delivery. According to last week’s “Understanding Emperor” sales weekly, LS6 is already the sales champion of “medium and large pure electric SUVs”.
With regards to delivery goals, we’re aiming to deliver at least 6,000 IM LS6 units in November, with a target of 8,000 units and a subsequent aim of 10,000 units in the next month. We hope that the current whirlwind popularity of LS6 in the market will persist, providing an exceptionally good product experience for our users.

The buzz around the IM LS6 has helped to drive the popularity of our offline showrooms. Many customers who’ve dropped by to view the LS6 have also experienced the L7 and LS7 while there, thus generating an observable ripple effect.

Interviewer: May I ask, Jin Chen, as someone who’s eco-conscious in your everyday life, do you prefer electric vehicles for transportation?

Jin Chen: I wouldn’t call myself an eco-expert, but I am indeed a fan of a greener lifestyle and always choose vehicles powered by renewable energy for my travels.

Interviewer: As a representative of IM, and a trendsetter, what about the LS6’s exterior design won you over?

Jin Chen: With its youthful and dynamic look, the colours of LS6 are boldly applied. I am particularly fond of the pink and teal options. The sleek international design caught my eye immediately and very much appeals to my tastes.

Interviewer: As a pioneer owner of IM LS6, could you share your feelings about using it, and what was the biggest surprise the LS6 brings to you?

Jin Chen: There are too many to mention, but I am particularly excited about features other cars do not have. For instance, the “one-click AI autopilot” in LS6 makes travel very convenient and entirely free of anxiety. Especially when I mistakenly dive into a long alleyway and realise that I have taken the wrong turn, manoeuvring backwards out of the situation can often be a headache, even for experienced drivers. Now, by just activating the “one-click track return” function, I can easily avoid obstacles and reverse the car back along its original path. Other functions like “one-click curb parking”, “one-click parking” and “one-click getting unstuck” have effectively solved many parking issues and removed anxiety when we venture outdoors. It’s truly smart.

Interviewer: Do you enjoy self-driving trips, and if so, where would you like to go?

Jin Chen: I personally love to go on self-driving journeys, and I don’t have a specific destination in mind. I believe in enjoying the journey rather than just the destination – I enjoy stopping and seeing sights along the way. So, I usually just grab my car keys and go for a drive.

Liu Tao: Everywhere’s a destination. Jin Chen, after driving our car, do you feel reluctant to drive any other?

Jin Chen: Truly so. Thank you, CEO Tao, for creating such a wonderful car for IM users.

Interviewer: CEO Tao, I spotted many people online urging for deliveries to be sped up. Your address during the launch event did mention related production plans, can you update us on the current delivery situation and provide some details about the various versions?

Liu Tao: The IM LS6 comes in 4 configurations, with standard Laser Lidar and Orin X high-performance chip across the range. You can choose the version with the driving range that best fits your needs. Currently, the quickest deliveries we’re making are of the Long Range 680 model. We’re also speeding up deliveries of the 100-degree flagship model, while the 100-degree dual-drive model is lagging slightly behind. However, deliveries of this option will commence from next Monday onwards.
By the end of this month, the delivery target for the LS6 is set at a total of 8,000 units, with the goal next month set at 10,000 units. SAIC Group, 19 times listed among the Global 500, bestows upon IM vehicles not just excellence in manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, but also quality assurance and after-sales services, propelling it with utmost confidence in its premium offering.

Reporter: Hello everyone, I have a question for Jin Chen. We’ve all seen your video on collecting your new car recently, and there are comments saying that they hope to ride in your passenger seat. Can you reveal who usually sits in your passenger seat?

Jin Chen: The first passengers in my passenger seat were my family members, followed by my assistant. After collecting the car, my mother very enthusiastically wanted a go at it. She’s a big fan of driving herself, and although she’s not yet used to such an intelligent car, she was able to get a hang of it after just one demonstration. Now, she plans to drive it all the way back to our hometown. She really likes the IM LS6. My father, on the other hand, prefers the backseat as he doesn’t drive. He finds the backseat Popo Sofa remarkably spacious and comfortable. So my family were the first passengers in this car.

Reporter: What would you like to say to the IM vehicle owners or fans who are about to receive their new cars?

Jin Chen: Let’s all be a part of the IM community.

Liu Tao: Thank you, Jin Chen. Let’s all be a part of the IM community.

Reporter: I have a question for Mr. Tao. As you mentioned earlier, the LS6’s sales momentum is quite impressive at the moment. How do you plan to “pamper” your customers from their perspective?

Liu Tao: The IM LS6’s product strength and allure is already quite compelling. At the same time, IM Automotive has also provided customers with a “Winter Limited Time Benefits” package, which includes a “direct cash discount” of 12,000, and a “luxury configuration upgrade special discount” of 25,600.

In a highly competitive market, IM brand users are the luckiest as they get to enjoy the most intelligent vehicle models at a lower price. This is the value that IM Automotive wishes to share with our users. We would rather sacrifice a portion of our profit to ensure our customers benefit more and get to enjoy the wonders of intelligent technology as soon as possible.

Reporter: I have a question for Jin Chen. You mentioned earlier that you really like the IM LS6. Can you tell us what you believe to be the common point between you and this brand?

Jin Chen: I usually pay more attention to fashionable exteriors, and I really enjoy the experience of driving and its intelligent features. Therefore, the high-quality LS6 is quite suited to me.

Liu Tao: Absolutely fitting. Whether it’s design, quality, intelligence, or your fondness for driving, the LS6 is perfectly compatible with you.

Reporter: Currently, whether in terms of public opinion or sales, the IM LS6 has been quite successful. Compared to previous models, where do you think it achieved the most success, or what has it done differently?

Liu Tao: The success of the IM LS6 is largely due to its extraordinarily precise and forward-thinking product positioning. We believe that the first half of the revolution in the automotive industry – the shift towards electrification – is nearing its end. However, the second half, which is centered around the transition to intelligent technology, is just beginning. It’s important to note that the basic intelligent features available in the earlier era of electrification 1.0, are no longer applicable in the age of deep innovation in intelligent technology today.
The core of the innovative intelligence of the IM LS6 is to connect the smart cabin with the smart pilot. As Jin Chen mentioned, it genuinely uses intelligent functions to thoroughly resolve the pain points of daily travel. The application of high technology should help users solve the pain points, which is the warmth that technology should have. The intelligence of IM cars is original and hard to surpass in a short time. For instance, the “Night Rain Mode” would be challenging to achieve without the magical “full-frame digital cockpit screen”. From this perspective, the success of LS6, firstly, comes from the intelligent and differentiated experience of the product that impresses users.

On the other hand, the LS6 offers impressive cost-effectiveness. The LS6 allows users to experience the strongest intelligence, differentiation, and ultimate performance at the entry-level price of the market’s “medium-to-large pure electric SUVs”, the cost-effectiveness of which is incredibly high.

In addition, we want to express our special thanks to Jin Chen. Her promotion of the LS6 product has been of great help. The four micro-films she performed moved tens of millions of consumers. Especially her expressive eyes touched many people. Many people texted to say that Jin’s interpretation was spot on.

Jin Chen: Indeed, the short film was excellent. I love it. But it’s more about the driveability and intelligence of the IM LS6.

Liu Tao: Thank you, Jin Chen.

Reporter: Jin Chen, your performance in the TVC “One-Key Tilt” moved many people. Do you use intelligent driving features in your daily driving?

Jin Chen: I do. Although I have been driving for many years, these new features in the LS6 are essential to me. As I mentioned earlier, they have completely eliminated my anxiety during travel. I feel that the IM LS6 is like my travel partner – very reliable and considerate.

Reporter: How do you feel about the “One-Key AI Driver”? And what new features do you think IM should develop based on the existing ones?

Jin Chen: It’s already excellent now. I have never seen such a fantastic “One-Key AI Driver” feature. If there’s an upgrade, I look forward to a commuting mode where I can input the destination with one key, completely freeing my hands and feet.

Liu Tao: You can use voice commands now. Have you tried the voice cabin function of the LS6?

Jin Chen: Yes, I have tried it and often chat with it.

Liu Tao: If you chat with “IM Generative Large Model” similar to ChatGPT, it would be more interesting. It can imitate any character’s voice, like Confucius or Nezha, which is fun.

Jin Chen: That’s incredible. I am eager to try that soon.

**Reporter: The “One-Key AI Driver” feature of IM LS6 is very practical and has received widespread praise from users. What other new “One-Key AI Driver” features will be introduced next?

Liu Tao: It’s not convenient to reveal too much at the moment. However, today we can divulge a bit about the “One-Key Through” function. As Jin Chen mentioned earlier, there are many narrow lanes in Beijing, and we often encounter obstacles in the middle of the road. It is challenging to navigate through gaps barely the width of a car body without scraping. With the “One-Key Through” feature, users no longer need to feel anxious about such situations. Once faced with such difficulties, just activate “One-Key Through”, and rest assured of no scraping and direct access to small lanes. This is just one of the examples we are developing, and the “One-Key AI Driver” has many more potentials.
Interviewer: Today, key specifications of IM L6 were released. What advanced technologies will be applied in the upcoming fourth model of IM?

Liu Tao: Much information still awaits to be unveiled, with potential disclosure from next March at the earliest. The key features of IM L6 we announced today represent ceiling level performance. For instance, a semi-solid-state battery capable of a 1,000km range is under development – a 1,000 km range is nearly within our grasp. In terms of battery, motor and control technologies, the vehicle body control module (VMC) will fully unleash the vehicle performance. Currently, the 2.3-ton IM LS6 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.48 seconds. The zero-to-hundred acceleration of the fourth product, IM L6, will be under 3 seconds, joining the “2-second club”.

Interviewer: Jin Chen, I have heard that you are a frequent user of autonomous driving technology. Could you tell us about the situations in which you engage this feature?

Jin Chen: I use autonomous driving in scenarios where I find it challenging to drive myself. Furthermore, my mom, who drives more frequently than I do and often undertakes provincial long-distance trips, needs autonomous driving more than me. I am confident she would love the autonomous driving feature of IM LS6.

Liu Tao: Your usage frequency could be more than 80%.

Jin Chen: Yes, because she often drives from our hometown to Beijing. This is the feature she needs the most.

Liu Tao: Presently, autonomous driving can handle about 85 percent of highway and overpass road conditions. The adoption rate of autonomous driving in urban areas is slightly lower. However, the landing rate of IM’s urban NOA feature will significantly increase in a short time. Please stay tuned.

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