Great Wall Automobile's Strategic Expansion in New Energy Vehicles, a Good Move?

At the 21st Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, Great Wall Automobile showcased its lineup with five brands and more than ten new energy products, demonstrating the company’s deep layout and strategic expansion in the field of new energy vehicles.

Haval, as the main SUV brand under Great Wall Automobile, exhibited the newly colored version of the Haval Maverick, the Co-creation version, and models like Haval Owl Dragon MAX, reflecting the brand’s grasp of segmented market demands and response to personalized customer needs. Haval has maintained a steady market presence, accumulating a solid customer base of over 9 million, providing a firm foundation for its transition to new energy.

In the field of new energy, the high mountains and the Blue Mountains models brought by the WEY brand, and the quick sell-out of the limited-edition Tank 700 Hi4-T, all show the high market recognition of Great Wall Automobile’s new energy products. The performance parameters of the Tank 700 Hi4-T, such as a maximum power of 385 kW and peak torque of 850 N・m, underscore Great Wall Automobile’s achievements in technological innovation.

The new members of the Great Wall Cannon family — the Mountain-Sea Cannon Performance Edition and Mountain-Sea Cannon PHEV, as representatives of new energy pickup trucks, not only expand Great Wall Automobile’s product line in the pickup field but also offer consumers more choices. The launch of the customized version and the high cold version further meet the specific environment and user needs.

The performance of Great Wall Automobile at this Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition not only demonstrates its strength in product development and market layout, but also reflects its determination to innovate in the field of intelligent new energy. With the global automotive industry’s trend toward low-carbon, intelligent transformation, these actions by Great Wall Automobile signify its role as an industry driver, dedicated to providing new energy vehicle products to global users and promoting the development of China’s new energy vehicle industry.

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