DFAC's New Electric Lineup at Guangzhou Auto Show: A Step into the Future?

On November 17th, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (DFAC) made a glamorous appearance at the Guangzhou Auto Show under the theme “Oriental Wind Rising, Moving Towards the New” with three major product series brands under the “Dongfeng” (DF) banner: Aeolus, eπ, and Dongfeng Nama. Notably, the eπ Brand’s first smart and elegant electric sports sedan, the eπ007, made its second public appearance after its premiere in Wuhan on November 10th, initiating the “G.E.T” public testing plan. In addition, the Aeolus vast cosmic e-sports version premiered, and the first model of Dongfeng Nama, Nama 01, officially began presale.

As a member of the “Dongfeng” (DF) brand family, Dongfeng Nama 01 officially made its debut and began its pre-sale at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The Nama 01 offers a choice of 330/430 km in range and comes in worry-free white, delightful yellow, calm blue, and fantasy purple body colors. The presale price is between 79.8 to 109.8 thousand RMB, with quadruple pre-sale benefits.

Worthy to mention is that with the empowerment of Dongfeng’s Quantum Architecture 3 platform, the Nama 01 incorporates multiple advantages including space, safety, energy efficiency, and intelligent control. It boasts exclusive features such as frameless car doors, one-key flat lying for the driver’s seat, fully automatic parking and remote parking, and ten-in-one electric drive.

Also, the first appearance of Aeolus’s vast cosmic e-sports version has attracted much attention. The teaser for the new Aeolus PHEV reveals Dongfeng’s progress in plug-in hybrid technology. This model will employ Dongfeng’s independently developed Quantum Architecture platform and Mach-E hybrid DH-i technology.

In terms of new energy strategy, DFAC showcased its long-term commitment and plan in the field of new energy. The eπ brand plans to launch more than ten models in the next three years, signifying DFAC’s continued expansion and technological accumulation in the electric vehicle market. The eπ007, positioned as a smart and elegant electric sports sedan, features the industry’s unique Dongfeng SOA smart cockpit, which can realize personalized customization in multiple scenarios. It offers an L2+ High-computational-smart driving system that integrates both driving and parking. Energized by the Mach-E, it also boasts the industry’s lowest energy consumption per 100 kilometers at 11.9 kWh, reflecting the company’s pursuit of intelligent vehicle technology.

Overall, the Dongfeng brand not only demonstrated its latest achievements in the field of new energy vehicles at the Guangzhou Auto Show but also reflected its active efforts in technological innovation and market expansion. The other brands under Dongfeng have not yetLagging behind, they exhibited their respective new energy vehicle models and technology, forming an integral part of Dongfeng’s comprehensive layout in the field of new energy.


Trailing, they showcased their unique new energy automobile models and advanced technology, manifesting DF’s sophisticated blueprint in the new energy sector.

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