Who Won the Xpeng XNGP Experience Event at 42HOW?

The # “Reward Activity” Xpeng XNGP Experience # ended on November 14. Now the winners are being announced as follows:

Content Creation Award

“King of Smart Driving”

@Fan Fan

Congratulations to Fan Fan for winning an extra 50-yuan Jingdong card, please contact me to redeem immediately.

“Best Content”

  1. @Alis: Xpeng XNGP Experience, Memory Parking Experience
  2. @Chen Daihu: 78-minute normal-speed dehydration version, certainly not as interesting as a company demo and well-edited snippets
  3. @-XU–Hui: 4.3.0 XNGP was quite useful, what about now?
  4. @Yves Ho: Some daily moments of Xpeng’s smart driving
  5. @Amethy: Xpeng’s smart driving experience

Congratulations to the authors of the five top interactive posts for winning a brand gift.

“Publish and Get”

  1. @Daniel: Annual mileage of 20,000 kilometers, increasingly like an old driver
  2. @A Rainy Night Cool: Long road, knowing the force of 9
  3. @Fan Fan: Shanghai suburban small road, traffic cones have no place to hide with XNGP
  4. @-XU–Hui: 4.3.0 XNGP was quite useful, what about now?
  5. @Amethy: Xpeng’s smart driving experience
  6. @Fan Fan: Evening peak hour heavy traffic, can XNGP win?
  7. @Dongfang Qingyuan: Experience summary of the latest version of XNGP8. @What is Pi:Roundabout + Asymmetric Junction + Ramp, version 4.4 LCC challenge
  8. @Slash Youth:Xpeng G6 Memory Parking
  9. @Frances:Xpeng xngp, young man is not afraid of going back to village!
  10. @💕 Bug Bug:Experience Xpeng XNGP
  11. @Mischievous Bag:Xpeng XNGP
  12. @Rising Sun:Don’t argue about AEB anymore, daily commuting is the most basic and important scenario
  13. @Alex:Xpeng XNGP experience, experience memory parking. It’s really convenient for beginners
  14. @Frances:The performance of xngp in the suburbs of Shanghai
  15. @Frances:Feel the driverless technology! Tremble, humans!
  16. @Yves Ho:Some everyday moments using Xpeng’s self-driving
  17. @Chen Daihu:78-minute normal speed dehydrated version, certainly not as good as the manufacturer’s DEMO and excellent editing

Congratulations to the above 18 content for meeting the event rules and receiving a 20 yuan Jingdong card.

User Interaction Award

“Don’t Want White, Don’t Want”

@Yves Ho, @Meow Sauce🍉, @Saber

@Rising Sun, @Oriental Qingyuan, @X’s Fourth Power

@Azhe, @42HOW-ChuanAFU8000, @Try111

@Laven don’t eat durian, @Still Not Calm, @Ya Hee Hee

@Third Order Fighting Qi, @Matthew, @No. 43 Ultimate Electric Spray

@xyh, @42HOW-994766, @💕 Bug Bug

@Demacia, @chendong, @-XU–Hui

@Head Chef, @Smile As Water, @papa chestnut No.1

@daniel, @Slash Youth, @X01 Housekeeper@ding, @Mudan, @Cunmang, @SummerWeilan

@ZhangMusan, @42HOW-TeslaInformationOfficer

Congratulations to the above users, who won a random gift from 42HOW after being deduplicated.

Warmest congratulations to all the award-winning car enthusiasts, please add WeChat lavenznnn to redeem your prize before November 24th, overdue will not be waited for.

There are plenty of activities and gifts in the garage, warmly welcome everyone’s active participation!

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.