Can the New ROEWE DMH Hybrid System Revolutionize the Auto Industry?

On October 18, SAIC provided a detailed insight into the new generation DMH Super Hybrid System during the second season of the “Green Power Chinese Brand Power” Ideation Forum. This signifies another push for industry technological upgrade, providing more comprehensive hybrid solutions.

In the recent 2023 Hybrid Car Ultimate Challenge, the SAIC DMH Super Hybrid System performed excellently in the ROEWE D7 DMH, securing first place in the mid-large size sedan category. During the energy deficiency fuel consumption test, it achieved an ultra-low fuel consumption of 4.6L/100km, surpassing all competing models, and thus received the championship for this category.

The DMH Super Hybrid System was developed through SAIC’s persistent dedication to plug-in hybrid technology research for the past 13 years. The system comprises the Powertrain Intelligence Control Unit (PICU), a highly efficient 1.5L hybrid-specific engine, a P1+P3 dual-motor layout, and a hybrid transmission. The PICU integrates five major functions, including motor control, engine control, hybrid transmission control, air conditioning and battery thermal management. This boosts computational speed and improves efficiency. With the 1.5L hybrid-specific engine, it achieves an industry-leading thermal efficiency of 43%, greatly enhancing vehicle power and fuel economy.

Moreover, the system introduces an industry-first coaxial P1 engine and dual-motor hybrid control strategy. It offers five driving modes – pure electric, series, full load, direct drive (P1+P3 dual motor + one drive), energy recovery. according to vehicle conditions to optimize efficiency.

The DMH Super Hybrid System comes with a dedicated high-efficiency long-range battery with a capacity of 21.4kWh, providing 125km of pure electric range. The fully charged and fueled car can travel up to 1400km, making inter-province travel worry-free. The battery uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame and module structure design, offering high safety.

In conclusion, the new generation DMH Super Hybrid System equipped in the ROEWE D7 DMH demonstrates SAIC’s continuous efforts in the field of plug-in hybrid technology.

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