Is IM LS6 the New King in the RMB 200-300k NEV Market?

Recently, a new best-seller has emerged in the subdivision market of new energy vehicles priced between 200,000 – 300,000 yuan. It’s the third model from the IM brand, the IM LS6. From either the perspectives of intelligence, performance, or of pricing and cost performance, it continues to draw much attention.

On October 12th, IM LS6 was officially launched. There are four models available, priced between 229,900 – 291,900 yuan. For those who lock up their orders before midnight on November 12th and make payment before midnight on December 31st, 2023, they can enjoy a discount of 15,000 yuan. This means during this time, the price range of all models is 214,900 – 276,900 yuan.

Focus back onto the product itself, what sort of novel experience can the cutting-edge technology features on IM LS6 bring us? 800 V silicon carbide platform, Lidar, intelligent cockpit, and so forth? Recently, I attended the track trial drive and the road trial drive of IM LS6 with an inquisitive mind. Let’s delve into it together.

First, let’s review power levels of the IM LS6. The new model is equipped with a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel-drive system, maximum power of 579 kW, maximum torque of 800 N·m, with an official 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 3.48 seconds, reaching a top speed of 252 km/h. In terms of the chassis, the new model utilizes a front double-wishbone rear five-link suspension design and an all-aluminum lightweight chassis. The data look impressive, but what about the actual experience?

The test drive comprised two parts, one was a closed-track test drive, where one can experience the performance, chassis, and highlights of IM LS6’s intelligence. The other part was the regular road test drive. First, let’s talk about the impressive track test drive, which was split into three sections: Performance area, Handling area, and Intelligent piloting maze area.

In the Performance area, we experienced IM LS6’s sudden acceleration and sudden braking tests. On the day, with light rain weather, some areas of the ground were a bit slippery, which brought no small challenge to the vehicle’s performance. After the actual experience, one has to admit that the feeling of pushing the accelerator to the floor is rather intense, almost instantaneously evoking sensory thrills and adrenaline surges. The chassis also performed well during braking, with tested results maintaining around 34 meters. This was followed by consecutive slalom tests, during which the vehicle’s suspension fully held up, showing no excessive rollover behavior.

In the control zone, we experienced low-speed S-shaped turns, coaxial speed bumps, cross-axial speed bumps, cross-axial and fixed circle projects, which effectively mimic our daily driving scenarios in urban areas. Throughout the testing process, the vehicle demonstrated excellent chassis support while cornering and maintained utmost stability on uneven road surfaces with no excess vibration from the wheels, effectively filtering small bumps. Besides, the rear space of the vehicle put on a good show and supported adjustable rear seat angles.

The major highlight of the entire field test falls on the intelligent driving maze area. IM has built an immersive maze to let everyone experience the functions of right rear blind spot, left rear blind spot, A-pillar blind spot, rear-view blind spot compensation, one-click tracing, one-click parking, one-click escape, and one-click clinging. Let’s talk about a few of the functionalities that left a deep impression:

First off, IM LS6’s rainy night mode, under rainy or harsh weather, our vehicle’s surrounding view can be blurry. At such times, turning on the double-flash, would display the blind spot images of the rear left and rear right on the driver’s front screen. Scroll up the wheel on the right side of the steering wheel would activate the rear-view image. Meanwhile, the screen would highlight pedestrians around the vehicle in a distinctive purple color. The experience of this function was good and had practical use during heavy rain. A slight regret is the small size of this car’s internal rearview mirror and a somewhat narrow rear window view. The rear-view image function essentially adds a streaming rear-view mirror.

During the one-click tracing function experience, IM set mirror walls around a narrow dead-end road to increase the difficulty of the vehicle’s reversing. Nevertheless, IM LS6 smoothly reversed along the original road with a commendable performance. This function can record the route of the previous 50 meters before activation.

Let’s talk about the curb-hugging feature. We often encounter situations in life, like parking by the roadside or struggling with parallel parking. In this case, simply pull over to a spot close to the curb, activate the curb-hugging feature, and the vehicle will move towards the curb in increments of 15 cm. This feature can be used repeatedly, until the minimum distance from the wall is 40 cm, and the minimum distance from the curb is 20 cm.

During our road test, we drove through some urban roads and bumpy sections at a not-so-high speed. However, having experienced the acceleration of the IM LS6 during our test drive, we know the power of its instant acceleration. The car has different driving modes like comfort, efficient, sport, snow, and personalized. In comfort mode, the car has sufficient power in urban roads and doesn’t stutter when braking. In sport mode, the accelerator pedal becomes more responsive, providing a rapid power response with just a light touch – making it easier to accelerate O-take. Even though the car has a top speed of 252 km/h, it can still be driven according to your mood – whether you want a relaxed, comfortable drive or one filled with enjoyment.

The new car has a quite light steering feel with precise direction, and the chassis provides sufficient support when cornering. When going over speed bumps or minor bumpy roads, the vehicle efficiently filters out most of the bumpiness while maintaining a degree of road feel. One thing I need to get accustomed to is the car’s half-size steering wheel, but you can also choose a full-size one in the IM LS6.

After the whole test drive, the IM LS6 performed commendably regarding intelligence, performance, and intelligence. Perhaps only those who have test driven this vehicle can truly experience the unmatchable experience it provides. Despite needing some slight improvements in certain minor details, they have no significant impact on the overall driving experience and functionality. Considering the price of the IM LS6, its competitiveness is evident. We can all look forward to its post-launch sales performance.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email