On September 16th, Geely’s all-new smart sedan Galaxy L6, produced by Geely, officially hit the market. With its high specifications, outstanding performance, and leading safety design, it sets a new benchmark in the A-class sedan market.

The Galaxy L6 from Geely has launched five types of cars: the 60km pure electric range AIR version, PLUS version, 125km pure electric range PLUS version, MAX version, and the Starship version, with a nationwide unified retail price of 115.8k – 149.8k yuan.

The innovative safety design of Galaxy L6 by Geely has gained wide recognition within the industry. The Galaxy L6 comes with an Aegis battery safety system and a highly secure design of e-CMA intelligent electric hybrid native architecture that is far superior to its competitors. Regarding commonly seen formaldehyde volatilization problems in new energy cars, Galaxy L6 by Geely opted for mature protective technology, keeping the volatilization way below national standards.

Regarding performance, Geely’s Galaxy L6 achieved the longest comprehensive range in the same class under WLTC conditions – 1370km – thanks to the new generation of Thor’s electric hybrid 8848 engine. The car also utilizes a 1.5TD Thor’s electric hybrid engine, with thermal efficiency reaching 44.26%, ensuring the vehicle’s fuel economy and strong power performance.

In addition to performance and safety, Geely’s Galaxy L6 has boldly refreshed the comfort level of the cockpit, equipping all models as standard with the class’s only “Marshmallow Seat”. In terms of intelligence, the Galaxy L6 by Geely uses the most powerful Qualcomm 8155 chip in its class, ensuring seamless interaction inside and outside the car through a large AI model, making intelligent operations more convenient.

Noteworthy is the fact that the Starship and MAX versions of Geely’s Galaxy L6 will use OTA to push the Galaxy Butler Sentry mode by the end of the year. This offers 24/7 360° real-time monitoring of the vehicle while in parking mode, pushing notifications to users when necessary.

Since its launch in February, the Galaxy series by Geely has already sold more than 30,000 units, with average monthly sales exceeding 10,000 units. The newly launched Galaxy L6 by Geely exceeded 20,000 preorders in less than a month since presales began – the rapid increase in production and continued hot sales have provided powerful support for Geely’s new energy car sales performance.

In terms of distribution, the Galaxy series by Geely has established over 450 stores, a figure set to reach 600 – 700 by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Geely’s Linhai Manufacturing Base had already completed a rapid production planning for immediate delivery upon listing, and the Galaxy L6 has already begun mass production and national distribution.

This series of successful advancements and mature product line fully demonstrates Geely’s determination and ability to transform fully and innovate at pace, as well as its commitment to its corporate philosophy of “Creating Quality Smart Cars for Everyone” – expressing the vision of EVERUS.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.