Geely Geometry G6 2024: An Upgrade Worth the Curiosity?

A week after the auto show, the 2024 Geely Geometry G6 officially hit the market. The new model offers two versions with ranges of 410 km and 500 km, priced from 119,800 to 147,800 yuan. Of course, while the price threshold has been reduced, the new car has been upgraded in terms of appearance, interior, comfort, and power endurance, which makes me curious about its actual performance and driving experience. Today, let’s take a look together!

In appearance, the 2024 Geometry G6 continues the family design philosophy. The front face adopts a closed grille, highlighting the identity of the new energy vehicle. The sharp headlights, combined with the daytime running lights, create a through-effect, increasing the visual width of the front face. The boomerang-style air guide groove also adds a sporty look to the car. The entire front end of the car presents an X shape, highly recognizable.

On the side, the new car’s main waistline is very smooth and dynamic, simulating airflow trajectory. It can rapidly dissipate airflow, with the upper and lower waistlines scattering the airflow to effectively reduce wind resistance. Meanwhile, the new vehicle also comes equipped with a new style of 17-inch low wind resistance wheel rims and the entire lineup also features hidden door handles.

The design at the rear of the new car is rather simple, implementing a split-type tail light design, with Geely’s English letter logo embedded in the middle. There’s also a slightly lifted ducktail on the top, and a large area of black underbody at the bottom, surrounded by delicate guide groove designs on both sides.

Upon entering the vehicle, the 2024 Geometry G6 introduces a new interior color scheme, “Far Mountain Grey”. Areas in sight, including the central control area and door panels, are wrapped in large areas of soft materials, offering delicate touch. The new car is equipped with a 10.2-inch LCD dashboard and a 14.6-inch central control screen, with a gear-knob design providing more space in the central control armrest area.

In addition, the new car is also equipped with Huawei’s new automotive module and the ‘Geometry Home’ interactive design. The UI layout is themed around the concept of ‘Home’, quite an innovative thought indeed. On the home screen of the central control, one can intuitively view features such as “Living Room”, “Concert Hall”, “Garage”, and “Daily Weather”. The AI assistant ‘Little He’ featured on the home screen responds promptly to voice controls, with a long wake-up time of up to 90 seconds. It exhibited smooth responses to several consecutive commands during my experience. Meanwhile, the avatar showcases 40 different emotion matching expressions, adding to the overall impressive ambience.

The seating area is draped in leather, providing commendable softness and enveloping comfort. The model version I experienced is the 410 km Deluxe, whose driver’s seat boasts of 6-way electric adjustment. At the back row, both sides have adjustable headrests, and the significant reduction in the central floor bump greatly enhances legroom.

In terms of power, the 2024 Geometry G6 offers two power versions, with maximum power outputs of 100 Kw and 150 Kw, respectively, and maximum torques of 180 N·m and 310 N·m. For battery performance, the vehicle comes with a 46.11 kWh and a 53.4 kWh battery pack, providing NEDC range of 410 km and 500 km, respectively. It utilizes a novel CTP module-less flat battery design which optimizes space efficiency, reducing space occupied within the car, and supports fast charging. Furthermore, it has MacPherson independent front suspension and torsion beam semi-independent rear suspension.

The driving experience of this car left a good impression. The vehicle comes with three driving modes, namely ultra-endurance, comfort, and sport mode. When comfort mode is activated, the vehicle suffices power for urban roads, and there is no jolting sensation when braking, satisfying everyday commuting needs. Once the sport mode is on, the accelerator pedal becomes more responsive, showing a nice power response to light pressure, and it easily handles acceleration and overtaking maneuvers. The steering is precise, with an appropriate wheel feel, and the chassis provides excellent support while cornering. When encountering speed bumps or other minor jolts, most of the disturbance is absorbed by the car, but it still maintains some road feel.

Assisting the driver, the car features ACC full-speed adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, lane departure warning, intelligent traffic sign recognition, and a 360° high-definition panoramic view function.

In summary, the 2024 Geometry G6 not only upgrades its exterior and interior design, comfort fittings but also enhances the highly valued power endurance and battery safety. Of course, what’s most important to the consumers is its higher cost-performance ratio due to feature addition and price reduction. So, could this new vehicle become a new choice in the 150,000 RMB level pure-electric sedan market? Let us look forward to its performance.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email