The new electric vehicle from the Geely brand, the 2024 Geometry G6, officially went on sale on September 10th. The official guide price ranges from RMB 119,800 to RMB 147,800. This new car has been upgraded in five major areas including the electric system, interior design, and intelligent configuration, with 30 upgrades aimed at providing a top choice for pure electric vehicles for Chinese families.

In terms of the electric system, the upgrade of the electric system of the 2024 Geometry G6 allows users to use electricity more freely, thereby staying away from battery anxiety. In addition, the 2024 Geometry G6 is equipped with two types of permanent-magnet synchronous electric systems and a 46.11kW・h and 53.4kW・h lithium iron phosphate batteries, with CLTC ranges of 410 km and 500 km respectively. The battery system also uses liquid cooling technology, so the battery can maintain a reasonable temperature range in any environment, thereby improving range performance and safety.

Regarding safety, the 2024 Geometry G6 uses a short-blade cell design in the battery and has undergone comprehensive tests for collision, water immersion, fire, and bumps to ensure the safe and stable performance of the battery. In addition, the car is also equipped with an all-weather battery safety monitoring system that can actively monitor, diagnose, warn, and protect, eliminating users’ concerns about battery safety.

With respect to active safety and intelligent driving, the 2024 Geometry G6 comes with leading intelligent technologies in its class, including 13 assisted driving systems such as the ICC intelligent pilot system, ACC adaptive cruise control, TSI traffic sign recognition, and 360° HD panorama. These can timely assess risks and reduce driving hazards. Additionally, the new car also has a precise AEB urban pre-collision system that can detect danger earlier and provide a better braking experience, thereby ensuring passenger safety.

In terms of exterior design and interior, the 2024 Geometry G6 continues the “Future Light Language” design concept, with smooth and dynamic vehicle lines and high recognition. The new interior color scheme and 17-inch low-resistance alloy wheels meet the young user’s pursuit of sports and technology. In addition, all the new car’s interiors use low VOC materials to ensure harmlessness to the human body, effectively ensuring an improvement in the quality of the indoor air.

Furthermore, the new Geometry G6 also attracts consumers’ attention with its outstanding driving quality, such as using an aluminum alloy front suspension and the fastest acceleration performance in its class. In terms of intelligent experience, the car is also equipped with the Huawei car module, 7 nm chip, 8 core CPU, 16 core GPU, combined with 8G operating memory +128G storage memory, making the interaction between people and cars smoother. The Geometry G6 is the first car in its class to come as standard with concealed electric door handles, keyless entry, and contactless start features, making the technology extremely attractive.

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